3 Coastal Christmas Alternatives to White and Turquoise

November 19, 2021

Snowman, Bear, and Santa Christmas Ornaments sitting on the beach shoreline

Beach themed Christmases don’t always have to be the traditional white and turquoise. You can choose something a little different and still have a fun coastal Christmas.

For instance, choose a blue Christmas tree and treat it like the ocean. Below it  put a tan sheet, just dropped and stirred, with ornaments of things you’d find on a beach placed on it.Beach Things

The next layer is coral ornaments,  starfish and Lo Bibii fish from Ghana, tropical Angel fish, whales and remember the otters!

Seahorse Ornament


Starfish Ornaments

Above that, go for the upper layers of the ocean: jelly fish, sea turtles and puffins. Then near the top, put white round ornaments in a scalloped pattern to imitate the waves, and include some clear ornaments to mimic bubbles. Finish with a mermaid tree topper.

Mermaid Tree Topper

For a table scape, try colorful glass fish sculptures, carved fish on a stand, sea turtles on a coral stand and don’t forget the blue garland to mimic the ocean water and clear bulbs to look like bubbles.

Hang your curtains with twine, angelfish cabinet knobs and double-ended studs like this one. You may even enjoy some fabric with fish on it for your curtains. You can do the same for hanging your stockings, garlands, or wreaths. You may have to drill pilot holes and if the load is heavy enough be sure to put the studs in a two-by-four and you’ll not have to worry about doing any damage if your wreath is heavy.

Angelfish Cabinet Knob

If that’s not up your alley, decorate your tree with a lighthouse theme. Start with two colors of your choice – black and white are popular on lighthouses, but I would recommend something else: blue and white, orange and white (think Nemo), or maybe blue and silver. Use those colors in regular Christmas ornaments to create wide stripes going horizontally or vertically around your tree. Then try these Christmas lighthouse ornaments and some oyster shell lighthouse ornaments, and then fill in with a few pelican ornaments, seagull ornaments and maybe finish with a few osprey ornaments. Hang the ornaments sparingly around the lighthouses and be sure to use regular bulbs as well to add the shine and sparkle of the water. Top your lighthouse Christmas tree with a small flashlight wrapped (with the top of the tree inside the wrap) in garland or ribbon of the same two colors as your round ornaments and turn it on to be the lighthouse on the top of your tree!

Lighthouse Ornament


Pelican Ornament

Tablescapes are easy with this theme. Using dry erase marker in blue, write your guests' names on the lighthouse drawer pull from Sea Life Cabinet Knobs and hot glue them to the guests’ thick glass to create a place marker. Then use this lighthouse dinnerware for your settings, lighthouse figurines like this for your centerpieces and a soft blue tablecloth and some candles finish the look.

Lighthouse Figurine

Our third alternative to the coastal theme, but still coastal related -- albeit a stretch – is going with a theme your younger kids may love: Pirate! This one takes a little work by Mom and Dad, but it’s worth it. What would a pirate Christmas tree look like? How about some canvas cut into strips for garland, island ornaments, palm tree ornaments, footprints in sand ornaments, some mini paper scrolls for treasure maps and as many treasure chest ornaments as you have children.

Island Ornament


Treasure Chest Ornament

After the kids go to bed, get the alphabet stickers you’ve already purchased and stick each child’s initials on a set of ornaments. Think like a pirate for this and how a pirate might bury a treasure. Stick your son Joey’s letter “J” on several ornaments as you draw a map for him to follow around the tree to find the treasure chest with his initial on it. Behind the treasure chest in an envelope the same color as the tree and with Joey’s name on it, put a $10 bill inside and put it on a branch inside the tree behind the treasure chest, and he’ll have followed his treasure map to his treasure!

A week before Christmas, surprise the kids with a new toy box that has doors on it that will tie in with your regular coastal décor and you can give them a hint as to what is to come. Change out the door pulls for a palm tree door pull for the cabinet/toy box and as a bonus, it can still be used after Christmas!

Palm Tree Door Pull

Your tablescape can be gold foiled chocolate coins on burlap, with inexpensive beads, faux diamonds and starfish. Use sand dollars with brown permanent marker on them to use as place cards!


Whichever beach or coastal related Christmas you decide to decorate with for your Christmas, we here at Sea Life Cabinet Knobs hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and that you will remember our quality made knobs and pulls as you consider your future needs. Visit our website for Peter Costello’s wonderful sea life knobs and pulls.


NOTE: Top photo by Sunsetoned from Pexels

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