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Peter, Dana, and Tim Costello standing together with Indian River background

At Sea Life Cabinet Knobs, we pledge to provide our customers with the highest quality coastal cabinet hardware they need to give their homes a beautiful, serene vibe. Our products serve as design accents that enhance kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms in a subtle, elegant manner. When you explore our offerings, you’ll notice a wide variety of styles that can be mixed and matched to make your home feel like a coastal sanctuary.

Peter Costello: The Face Behind Sea Life Cabinet Knobs

Peter Costello, the creator of Sea Life Cabinet Knobs, was told by his high school art teacher, “You’ll never amount to anything!”  So how did Peter become an award-winning, internationally known wood sculptor and artist?

Peter was born in a small town near Boston, MA.  As a teen he spent every summer on Plum Island, MA, fishing and exploring the island dunes.  He was captivated by the ocean’s beauty and the creatures that lived in the sea.

When he was a young boy, Pete’s grandfather gave him a carving knife and taught him the basics of whittling.  Even after Peter finished school and left Plum Island for a career in the medical field, his carving knife stayed in his pocket.  His job as a kidney dialysis technician took him to Seattle and then California.  There he met and married his wife, Dana in 1971, and they moved to Vermont where he worked at the University Hospital in Burlington.   One day at a local hardware store where Pete bought fishing tackle he met Dave Harrington, a highly admired and sought after decoy carver.  Peter was immediately smitten and wanted to learn the art of decoy-carving.  Dave was an apt teacher to the new student who found it “infectious”.   The carving knife came out of his pocket and Peter began carving decoys.  Still doing dialysis at the hospital, Peter was known for having a wooden duck tail sticking out of his pocket, so he could snatch a few minutes here and there to carve his latest miniature decoy.

In 1976 Peter entered his first duck decoy carving contest, and to the surprise of everyone—including himself—he brought home two first-place ribbons and an honorable mention.  This encouraged him to keep carving, and soon he was selling his decoys, both working and decorative.  In 1978 Peter decided to make his living as a decoy artist and he left his dialysis career.

Soon after Peter’s career change, he and Dana moved to Florida where they could enjoy warm weather and be near the coast again. The ocean is Peter’s favorite wonder of creation.  He joined the local fishing club, and when a fellow fishing buddy saw Peter’s carvings, he suggested Peter start carving fish that could be used as trophies for fishing tournaments.  Peter began carving sailfish, marlin, tuna, and dolphin, and a new career was born:  Fishing Tournament Trophies!  His trophies were sold to many fishing clubs around the world, and have been awarded to such dignitaries as President George H.W. Bush and Astronaut Chuck Yeager.

In the early 1990’s a local jeweler saw Peter’s fish and waterfowl carvings and convinced him to try carving jeweler’s wax to make molds for a nautical jewelry line.  Peter soon transitioned from carving wood to carving wax, and within a year or so a nautical jewelry company, Gold Fins, was born.  Peter and Dana’s younger son, Tim, joined the business as jewelry rep and traveled up and down the east coast.

During this time, Peter and Dana’s eldest son, Chris was helping Peter with the fishing trophy business, and it became obvious he had the same artistic ability as his father. Within a few years he successfully took over the trophy business, and he continues to produce beautiful hand-carved fish trophies, via www.FishingTournamentTrophies.com.

Around 2000, Peter sold “Gold Fins” Jewelry Company and embarked on a new art form: coastal pewter cabinet knobs.  Peter carved the original designs in wax then molds were made for the pewter castings.  In 2002 this new venture became the online business known as “Sea Life Cabinet Knobs”.  It is now a successful family run business, with Peter as the artist-designer, Dana as office manager, and son, Tim, as marketer, photographer, and webmaster. 

The beauty of creation is what inspired the artistic ability in Peter Costello, and a carving knife forged the trajectory of the Costello family.

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