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The History of Cabinet Knobs

September 28, 2022

Cabinet knobs: Where did they come from, and what’s with the “k”?

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Switching From Pulls to Knobs Without Leaving Holes

September 16, 2022

You have loved your kitchen pulls for years but now it’s time to make a change and you don’t want to just go to other pulls. You’d love to do knobs, but there’s that little problem of the extra hole. What do you do?

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Three True Friends: A Sea Life Adventure

August 31, 2022

Sally Costello Coastal Knobs Small Seahorse, 181R and Susie Costello Coastal Knobs Seahorse Knob 181L, Small

Are sister seahorses

Who swam in the sea

So deep.

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Combinations: Things That Just Go Together

August 25, 2022

There are things that just go together, aren’t there? When we design a bathroom for children, maybe we should take that into account. For instance, we could do a turtle and seahorse bathroom for a child (or children). What would that look like? Here are some suggestions.

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Conch Is the Word

August 12, 2022

How many ways can you use conch shells in your décor? Read on and find out at least a few ideas.

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A Colorful Mix: True Bohemian Coastal

July 26, 2022

Many designers say that a Bohemian Coastal kitchen is mostly white, with touches of wood, maybe a bit of wicker and – if you’re lucky – a colorful area rug. What if, however, you prefer something a little more “traditional Bohemian”?

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Should You Go Knobless?

July 08, 2022

With many choices for cabinet doors, which is best for you, and should you go knobless? We may be able to help you make that choice.

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Mixing Metals: Your Kitchen Can Take It

June 24, 2022

You love the look of mixed metals that famous designers use, but you’re unsure if you can use it in your kitchen. The jewelry you wear is a great way to create the look you like to wear; your cabinet’s jewelry can match yours!

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Mixing Cup Pulls and Cabinet Knobs

June 11, 2022

If you have cup pulls in your kitchen and want to use cabinet knobs as well, how do you know what will work? How do you mix and match that? Let’s see if we can find some answers for you.

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Knobs, Pulls and Cup Pulls: Kitchen Puzzle 101

May 26, 2022

Knobs or pulls? Cup pulls, what are those? Confused? Here’s help.

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Northeastern Coastal Décor: Include Surprises!

May 13, 2022

Northeastern coastal décor “is all about that feeling of peace and fun that you get from being near the water.” Use “calming hues” focusing on light colors, shades and tones of blue, whites, and light wood tones.

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Sea Life Cabinet Knobs Flip Flop

Unique Cabinet Knobs for Your Home

April 29, 2022

From squirrels and lighthouses to gemstones and boxer shorts, cabinet knobs and pulls come in a wide variety of choices!

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