Celebrating Christmas in Cabinet Knobs

December 22, 2023

Photo by Pablo Savigne: https://www.pexels.com/photo/christmas-tree-with-baubles-and-string-lights-751791/

Christmas is upon us and whether you decorate bigtime or just a little here and there, or maybe nothing but a tiny, artificial Christmas tree, it’s all about the celebration, not the decorations. Whichever way you choose to decorate for Christmas, perhaps you want just a little bit more; something subtle but something else for next year. Have you considered your cabinet knobs?

You can incorporate your current style and blend the two, or go totally Christmas.  For instance, if you want to bring in Christmas, you can do so with a silver tone tree and a starfish knob to be the tree topper. Now you’re mixing Christmas and coastal, with very little effort.

Costello Coastal Knobs Starfish Knob

If you want to go remember the Reason for the Season, start with the manger and Child (a set includes a knob with two sheep and one with an angel and lamb, as well as other Christmas décor), or maybe you’re a Grinch fan and you’d like to add him to your kitchen or bathroom décor. Try this Grinch cabinet knob set that will ensure a smile.

Do you like to bring the outdoors inside? How about a few snowflakes to open your cabinets with? They come in colored glass, clear glass, crystalline snowflakes, blue background snowflakes, buffalo plaid snowflakes and other options so you can make your room feel like a snowball fight is an possibility!

Do you prefer an evergreen tree to open your drawer? There are options so you can make a whole forest out of the room with the more Christmasy options for trees. Whether you prefer silver trees, brass trees, or round knobs with Christmas trees on them, don’t forget to add the traditional tree topper, an angel cabinet knob.

Are you a big fan of Santas? There are Santas galore for you! You can try old-fashioned Santas, cute Santas, designer Santas, or a more traditional Santa. Maybe you don’t want a face staring at you while you’re in the bathroom, but you still want Santa represented. Go with Santa hats, or a hearty “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

Maybe you want to decorate for Christmas with a country twist. There are options for you, too. Try this cute set of Christmas things, a pickup with tree knob, a big buck cabinet knob, various country designs, country plaid knobs, or a country winter Christmas scene for your final touches.

Mixing and matching for just the right look is always fun. How about a fun Christmas tree knob, with some penguin knobs, some cuter-than-cute gnome knobs, or, you can choose which knobs you want via ordering each knob individually. There are Etsy dealers who let you do that, like this one.

Christmas knobs come in a myriad of choices: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to candy canes, gold ornaments to snowmenChristmas signs to gingerbread people, teddy bears to cardinals in snowy trees, you have a plethora of choices to add that last bit of Christmas to your home.

Whatever your choices, we at Costello Coastal Knobs wish you a very blessed and Merry Christmas! If we can help you with your choices for your décor, please contact us.

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