Starfish Cabinet Knobs Collection

Our starfish cabinet knob collection is perfect for your home, RV, or cabin by the beach. You may want small cabinet knobs for a drawer, while the bigger knobs are perfect for a pantry cabinet. You can use the pulls for an under-the-sink lean out, or a vertical row of drawers. Our collection includes a towel hook, a towel bar and a horizontal pull for your 

Bringing the beach to any room, the starfish cabinet knob collection will allow you to bring that perfect touch of high quality, easily recognizable ocean creatures and whimsy to your décor. Whether you find them washed up on the beach, or find them fascinating to watch at an aquarium, starfish are nature's (dare I say it?) stars!

Did You Know: Starfish don't have hearts or brains? They can change genders multiple times in their lives? Starfish don't actually swim? The Pincushion Starfish looks like just that: a pincushion, and provides shelter for other sea creatures?

  • Cast in solid pewter
  • Hand finished in brushed nickel
  • Solid brass insert
  • Appropriate screws included
  • Three different knob sizes
  • Starfish pull available
  • Towel hook available
  • Towel bar available 
  • Double post handles in vertical and horizontal orientations
  • Free shipping to USA zip codes

Designed and sculpted by Peter Costello

Starfish Facts: