Frequently Asked Questions

We have been providing the finest coastal cabinet knobs and drawer pulls since 2000. During that time, we have been asked many questions which we have attempted to revisit below. If you have additional questions, please reach out to us through our chat interface below, visit our "Ask Pete a question" page, or call us at 321-749-8918

1) What are your product made of?
All of our cabinet knobs and drawer pulls are cast of solid, lead-free pewter.
The towel hooks, towel bars and toilet papers hanger components are made of heavy gauge, hand fabricated aluminum.
2) Does pewter rust?
No, pewter is iron free and therefore does not rust.
3) Can pewter knobs and pulls be used outside?
No, they are not ideally used outside.
4) How do I clean my pewter cabinet hardware?
The best way to clean them is with warm water and a mild detergent, such as Dawn dish soap, then dry with a soft cloth.
Be sure you do NOT use bleach, solvent cleaners, and silver cleaner.
5) What finishes do you offer?
We offer our knobs in 3 finishes:
- Brushed pewter finish (also called brushed nickel
- Powder coat applied dark bronze
- Powder coat applied chrome
6) Can I special order another color finish?
There are cases where we may be able to accommodate a special order color.
If we can, there is typically a $100 special order surcharge plus the cost of the product. Please reach out to us directly for more info.
7) Do your wall mounted products (towel hooks, towel bars, toilet paper hangers) come with wall anchors?
Yes, each item comes with 2 nylon wall anchors (4 for the towel bars) plus matching screw fasteners to install in drywall.
8) What is the standard screw size?
8/32 x 1 inch
9) What is the difference between knobs and pulls?
Knobs are items with a single mounting post and require 1 screw. Pulls are items with 2 (aka double) mounting posts.
10) How far apart are the mounting posts for pulls?
3 inches
11) How far does the mounting post extend from the creature?
1/2 inch
12) How large a screw hole size do you recommend?
3/16th inch
13) Are your products sold individually or in pairs?
Our products are always sold individually.
14)  Pewter is a soft metal, how do the threads keep from being stripped out by the screws?
All our products have brass ferrules cast into the mounting post to ensure the screws do not get stripped out.
15) Do your products come with a warranty?
We provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.
16) Are all the products your own designs?
Yes!  All of our 150+ products are original designs by noted marine life artist, Peter Costello.
17) Does pewter tarnish?
No, pewter does not tarnish like silver. Over time it will naturally form a darker patina.
18) Is it OK to shine/clean them with steel wool?
No! Never use steel wool on pewter. The steel wool will embed steel particles in the pewter that will then rust.
19) What metal cleaner can I use on pewter?
We do not recommend using metal cleaners on our pewter hardware products.We only recommend using mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth.
20) What can be used to restore the original luster in the brushed nickel finish?
After cleaning the product as instructed above, we recommend gently using only a Scotchbrite pad. We suggest "breaking in" the Scotchbrite pad to reduce its brand-new abrasiveness by rubbing it against itself before lightly rubbing it on the pewter.
21) How do I drill the holes properly?
We suggest using a jig.
Here is an inexpensive one that includes a 3/16 drill bit
If you would like to make one, here is a link to a video done by the Woodworks Guild of America