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March 22, 2024

Photo by Keegan Checks:

There are many options for looks when you’re using a coastal decorating theme. Do you want to go sophisticated and use high end finishes and expensive accessories? Or do you prefer something earthier; something with a nor’eastern flair? Maybe you’re young and you love coastal cool, and want your décor to reflect your vibe. If that’s your ideal, let’s explore how to make that happen.

How about we start with the bedroom? What color do you have on your walls? Have you considered a pale blue? Next, get some crown moulding and baseboard and paint them the same color as the walls. Measure the crown and mark where the bottom will be. Purchase some programmable LED light strips that let you program different patterns and colors, and mount the LED light strips around the room, just under where the crown will finish.  Cover it with a billowy layer of white chiffon fabric, loosely gathered vertically here and there and stapled to the wall at top and bottom, then cover the staples with crown moulding and baseboard. Then to make the walls look like waves, program the lights to do a “wave” via using blues and white (whitecaps). Remember, with many of these light strips you can program how bright the effect will be, so you can use it for getting romantic. Use a surfboard leaned against the wall with short towel bars installed into it for a place to put a throw, hang magazines, or even surfboard cabinet pulls (installed vertically) as a place to hang your clothes for quicker dressing in the morning. Remember, you may have to get longer screws for surfboard installation so take one that comes with the cabinet knobs with you to the store to make sure you get the right size. Use a white quilt set with palm fronds embossed into it for your bed, and put a pale blue bedskirt on the bed.


In the bathroom, use a pale blue shower curtain and tie some bikini tops and bottoms that you buy at a thrift store (or maybe the old ones you don’t wear anymore), to the shower curtain hooks. Of course, use palm trees, sand dollar, or starfish cabinet knobs on your vanity, remembering to add the “cool” by using a “jelly fish” night light! For your floor, use a bamboo bath mat on top of a beautiful porcelain floor tile and for a shelf, use two brackets and a skateboard without the wheels on it. A piece of driftwood with an angle on it screwed to the wall makes a robe hook.


In the living room, a retro corduroy and rattan couch will seat two, and two seagrass and oak chairs will fit two more. Add a few cedar knee tables to set things on. Get some Hawaiian shirts from the thrift store, button them up and sew the front closed, then turn it wrong side out, cut just under the arms and sew across the cut part, then sew halfway across the hemmed side. Turn them right side out and stuff with polyfill, or your favorite pillow fill (reuse an old pillow by taking the stuffing from it, if you wish) then stitch the rest of the hem closed and you have a unique throw pillow. Paint your walls white and use a programmable LED light strand to cast the color you desire on your walls. You can have sunrise colors to start your day, blue skies throughout the day and sunset colors in the evening, without changing the paint! Sew beach towels (thrift store finds) together to make a throw rug that can be taken outside and rinsed with the hose, or taken to the laundromat and washed in a big washer.

Here at Costello Coastal Knobs, we hope you have found some inspiration to make your coastal look as cool as you want it to be. If we can help with your coastal knobs needs, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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