Give Thanks in Décor

November 24, 2023

Give Thanks in Décor

This is the season of Thanksgiving and that leads into Christmas, which also reminds us to be grateful. For the “Season of Thanks”, how about decorating in such a way that you express your thanks via your décor?

For instance, if you really love and appreciate the mountains, how about you celebrate the mountains with a pair of ceramic cabinet knobs with a mountain? Or how about a more detailed cabinet knob with a mountain view?

If you are grateful for elephants, try a highly detailed elephant in pewter, or a cute little baby elephant in blue, perfect for  a child’s room!

If you love the ocean and the things and creatures in it, give thanks for dolphins with dolphin cabinet knobs. Or show that you’re grateful for sea turtles with sea turtle cabinet knobs. If you want to save the whales because you’re grateful for them? Try these humpback whale knobs. If you want something with a bit more color on it, try abalone cabinet knobs because they’re gorgeous!

Costello Coastal Knobs Dolphin 203R Medium

Costello Coastal Knobs Humpback Whale Right facing Small

Costello Coastal Knobs Sea Turtle Knobs 205 Small








If you want to give thanks for artistic masterpieces like Van Gogh, use cabinet knobs with some of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings on them anywhere in the house; if you prefer Gustav Klimt, try Klimt cabinet knobs. Or maybe you’re grateful for the artist Frederic Remington and you are a western fan, maybe not being so literal is what will help you be grateful. Try these ammo cabinet knobs, or these leather stirrup cabinet knobs.

If you’re grateful for the wine that helps you relax in the evening after a really bad day at the office, there are options for you, too, believe it or not. Try these grape cluster cabinet knobs, or a handmade pull made with wine corks! If you want to go high end and have the budget for it, try this beautiful forged grapevine pull.

If you love gemstones and/or geology a sign of your gratefulness might be a cabinet knob of lapis lazuli, or labradorite knobs, or a rose quartz knob.

Being grateful for those things is great, but have you considered showing off the gifts that you have been given and should be grateful for? For instance, how about getting some plain wooden cabinet knobs you can paint yourself and celebrate the creativity that you have within you? There are many shapes and sizes, but the square one from the previous link is good, and so is this round knob. Paint, decoupage, silver leaf, or woodburn these knobs and show what you can do!

Finally, if you want to show how grateful you are for your ability to pay for something very expensive for a cabinet knob or pull, and you really want to impress your friends, go for a pull by this guy: Edgar Berebi. They’re expensive, beautiful, detailed, sometimes bejeweled, and very impressive.

Whatever you wish to give thanks for, in whichever way, cabinet knobs and pulls can help you do exactly that in a creative way. At Costello Cabinet Knobs we’d be glad to help you get creative and express your gratitude, contact us today!

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