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January 30, 2024

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Valentine’s Day approaches: do you have love on your mind? How do you want to express it this year? Another bouquet of roses is good, as are a box of delicious chocolates, but do you want to do that again? How about something different, more permanent, or more surprising?

Trying to impress her this year may be more difficult, but there is something you can do that would really make her smile. How about using your cabinets to show her how much you love her? There are heart shaped cabinet knobs made of rose quartz, or wood and others made of brass. You can mount them while she’s not looking and surprise her with them.

Or if you do want to do the flower thing, how about a dozen rose cabinet knobs instead of regular roses? Instead of giving her calories via cookies or cakes, how about using cabinet knobs with cakes on them? She’ll love the thought, and the lack of calories! Don’t forget to include jewelry for her! She can have huge “gemstones” for bling, or she can have multiple “gemstones” on the same cabinet knob. Bling up her room and she won’t have to worry about hitting her ring on something and a real diamond falling out. Maybe she’d love chocolate, but doesn’t want to change dress sizes? She can have cabinet knobs with a chocolate image on them, and enjoy the love, without the cellulite. Maybe, instead of premade sweets, she just loves to make the sweets? Put baking themed cabinet knobs on her doors and drawers!

Maybe you prefer to give her something that will tell her that her interests are important to you? Does she love the ocean, beach and everything coastal? How about some matched pairs of dolphin cabinet knobs for the kitchen cabinets? Or maybe she loves the beach but not going into the ocean? How about a pair of palm tree knobs? Maybe she just loves seahorses because they are so unique and fascinating? Showing her that you are supporting those interests and loves will be a great Valentine’s Day gift, and her kitchen will be a symbol of that support. 

Costello Coastal Knobs Seahorse Matched Pair

Costello Coastal Knobs Dolphins Matched Pair

Costello Coastal Knobs Palm Tree Matched Pair

If the beach isn’t her thing, but she loves to garden and everything associated with that? You can give her plumerias, sunflowers, mushrooms, pansies, lavender, or what comes with all of those flowers: bees. Let’s not forget the snails, dragonflies, frogs and butterflies!

Sharing your love for your special person is part of the tradition of Valentine’s Day. The kitchen is a great place to do so, but remember that the bathroom, utility room, or any rooms that require a cabinet knob or two, are also available to show your support for her (or his) interests and likes. Think of what your significant other is passionate about and start there. You can’t go wrong with a high heel cabinet knob if she’s into shoes. If he’s into sports, maybe put some sport cabinet knobs in his office.

Here at Costello Cabinet Knobs, we’d love to help you express your love and support for your special someone. Contact us today to get the cabinet knobs they will love!

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