6 Recycling Suggestions for Your Coastal Décor

January 07, 2022

Old dresser - Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

Christmas has come and gone and it’s time to find a place to put your new things. If you got big items for the Season, this means that you are going to have to rearrange, or maybe figure out what to do with the old coastal dresser (for instance) you have been using for the last six years. You could sell it but that takes time. You don’t want to just put it to the curb (although if you did, it would probably be gone in a few minutes), so what are you going to do with it?

You could find a different use for it, moving it to the utility room and using it for your extra linens, put it in one of the guest rooms or children’s bedrooms for their use, or even put it in the living room to use as a television stand if it’s not too tall.

If there’s no room to try those options, maybe a friend would enjoy the chest of drawers and you could get that person into the coastal décor style of decorating. It’s nice to share and your friend may need that extra piece. If you’re going to do so, maybe freshen the piece up a bit with a thorough cleaning, maybe a touch up on the paint (if you painted it yourself), and be sure to refresh it with new pulls or knobs by Sea Life Cabinet Knobs. They have a wide variety of choices and a quality product that your friend will enjoy for years to come.


Shell Knob


If neither of those options foots the bill for you, maybe donating to a local charitable thrift shop. You can consider Goodwill’s donation centers, and they’ll help people get a job with their training programs. You can donate to them via finding a location near you at their website.

Another great option for giving is Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore where you can donate as well as finding some good deals. Donate the chest of drawers, then find the right window for your children’s outside playhouse.

Our fifth suggestion for recycling a big furniture item (and “big” is relative, isn’t it?), is to see how many other uses you can find for it. For a chest of drawers, you can remove the drawers, and with the bottom of the drawer against the wall, screw them to the studs in a creative grouping and you’ve got new coastal shelves and all you did was come up with the pattern and screws. For the body of the chest of drawers, you can use it as a shelf somewhere, put it in the closet for shoe storage (again, if you have the room) or cut it in half lengthwise and you can screw the front half to the wall (cut side against the wall) and have a shallow shelf for scarves, sweaters, whatever. Of course, this is assuming that the chest of drawers had a solid bottom beneath the drawers instead of just the runner. Remember, the back half can be used in a similar fashion, but maybe use the back half, after adding new front legs, in the garage for tools, small storage bins sliding into the drawer openings.

If you want to do more destruction/construction, remove the drawer fronts and if you have the wall space to replace that old coat rack with a new , measure the space, go to your local big box wood/hardware store and have them cut a piece of ½” plywood (the good stuff) and take that home along with two 1”x 1” pieces of wood, cut down two inches shorter than your plywood’s width. Find the wall studs, screw the 1” square pieces of wood to the wall, the bottom one at least an inch above the baseboard and the other three inches shorter than your plywood’s height. Screw the 1” strips to the wall. Paint the plywood to match your wall color. Using the drawer fronts of your chest of drawers, stagger the drawer fronts on your plywood (higher for adults, lower for children) screw them onto the plywood from the back of the plywood into the back of the drawer fronts, then have someone help you screw the plywood to the 1” strips on the wall. Voila! You have a unique coat rack that allowed you to keep the memories associated with the chest of drawers. The rest of the chest of drawers can be recycled into a toy box, picnic table for the kids, a raised dog bed, or a recycling bin, if you want to spend the time and effort to do so.

Get rid of your old coat rack

For a final idea on destruction/construction, measure your bathtub's width, carefully disassemble the chest of drawers and find boards that are long enough to span the width of your bathtub, sand, add a 1" strip cut to size at both ends and paint. Look! You have a bathtub caddy that you can put candles, your book, or a glass of your favorite wine on.

Christmas is a time of giving, but it sometimes also means a bit of reorganizing and making room. Even if it’s not a chest of drawers, you can be creative and reuse or recycle/upcycle your coastal décor item. Barring that, blessing others with your gently used items is always a good alternative.

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