A Colorful Mix: True Bohemian Coastal

July 26, 2022


Many designers say that a Bohemian Coastal kitchen is mostly white, with touches of wood, maybe a bit of wicker and – if you’re lucky – a colorful area rug. What if, however, you prefer something a little more “traditional Bohemian”? What if “Boho” is more colorful in your eyes? Read on to see how to create something that fits your Bohemian Coastal style.

Start with the background: what color do you want on the walls? Do you want white, to help quiet the colors you plan on putting in elsewhere? Or do you want something more ocean related; a blue-green, soft blue, or coral color? It’s up to you; just remember that color on the walls means that you want to avoid anything that will clash with it.  

Gone Fishing Paint available at Lowe's


Coral Passion paint available at Lowe's


For the floors, you have many choices. A vinyl tile in a colorful pattern will do nicely, unless you think you have enough color and pattern already. Then you may opt for a faux marble in an off-white and grey, or try a wide bamboo click flooring to be a neutral under the colorful recycled and reused items that make up your cabinetry.

Lucida USA  BaseCore Sicilian Blue 12-in x 12-in Waterproof Peel and Stick Luxury Flooring

CALI  Fossilized Antique Java Bamboo 5-5/16-in Wide x 9/16-in Thick Handscraped Engineered Hardwood Flooring

After the walls and floors, choose your cabinets. Do you want to go more sterile, as the first link illustrates as Bohemian, or would you prefer something more makeshift: mix and match cabinets and recycled items, pulled together with a butcher block or granite slab as the countertop? Or do you like the different heights and colors, making the kitchen more Boho, more unique? In Boho design, recycling and reusing are very common, so don’t be afraid to reuse a 1920s Art Nouveau secretary as a hutch to store your kitchen bowls, mixer and serving ware. Or maybe a decoupaged dresser for your linens, platters and trays.

HGTV "Recycled Kitchen Cabinets"

As you fill in your Bohemian Coastal design, be sure to include the “Coastal” aspect of the name. Try hanging some glass floats to your kitchen or sitting in a row on a wooden bowl with air ferns in them. The colors will add to the charm of your Boho Coastal kitchen and they’ll add interest as something you don’t see often. Don’t want air fern? Try peacock feathers, single roses in each float, or an interesting hat pin in each.

Ebay (3) Glass Fishing Floats On Rope ~ Nautical Fish Net Decor ~ Red, Blue, Green

Ebay Japanese GLASS Fishing FLOATS 3" LOT-9 Round Buoy BALLS Authentic Vntg

Use colorful area rugs, and a recycled table and chairs/stools that don’t match (or some that are built alike, but painted different colors) to add to the Boho Coastal chic, especially if they are in cool ocean colors.  Put sea shells in a glass cookie jar, some ocean-themed curtains, and other Boho accessories and there’s not much left to do.

Home Dzine Craft Ideas "Recycled items for practical kitchens"


Home Dzine Craft Ideas Recycled items for practical kitchens


The last step to achieve the Bohemian Coastal kitchen of your dreams, is the knobs and pulls that you choose for your finishing touch. Surprisingly, there are oodles of choices that are not designed to be the traditional Boho look that will still work. Let’s start with the traditional look: a ceramic knob in wonderful colors works for this look, as do mother of pearl knobs. Or you can use miscellaneous Costello Coastal Knobs that would make things fun. Start with some large right and left flip-flops and then get some parrots, palm trees and dolphins and your Boho Coastal look is complete!

Costello Coastal Knobs Flip Flop Knob

Costello Coastal Knobs Parrot

Congratulations! Your Bohemian Coastal kitchen is complete! Sit back and enjoy the cheerful colors and unique look!

Here at Costello Coastal Knobs we’re ready to help you with your coastal cabinet knob desires. Contact us today!


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