A Whale of a Baby’s Room

March 31, 2022

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

A new baby is a wonderful joy and loads of fun. Decorating your new baby’s room is something for which every parent has to make choices. What color to paint the walls? What pattern to choose for the baby’s crib linens, etc.? What do you do? For a unique decorating idea, why not go with an ocean theme? To be more specific, a whale theme?

You have many choices for wall color: white, soft blue, aqua, or coral are good choices. Designers have used the theme a few times over the years, but you can personalize it to your desires. A crib is essential and every crib needs a mobile, don’t you think? Try the adorable whale mobile to go with this ocean animals bedding for your new little one (or, a whale bedding set with a white background if you choose white walls).




Every child needs a toy box because even though they are just babies to start with, they still need toys. Try this cute little whale toy box for your newborn’s plush toys.



You need somewhere to put baby clothes and this white dresser is perfect. To make the dresser fit the theme, replace the white wooden knobs with whale knobs. A cute whale lamp for the late night feedings, diaper changes and comfort visits because parents don’t need to face the glare of flipping on the overhead light and blinding themselves momentarily. Beside the lamp, try this whale sculpture.


Delta Children Universal 3 Drawer Dresser, White
Sea Life Cabinet Knobs Humpback Whale Knob


A changing table is essential, also, and this whale pad for it is made to match the bedding. Another essential is a rocking chair like this unique option and adding a whale pillow for lumbar support, or to help support a parent’s arm while doing those late night feedings, it’s almost perfect. Add a throw to the rocking chair’s accoutrements and you will have a great place to relax and cuddle with your little one.


 Amazon INK+IVY Bree Knit Throw Blanket for Bed, Sofa, and Couch, Lightweight, Breathable, Soft & Cozy Summer Blanket, Throw (50 in x 60 in), Aqua

The walls need something on them and this trio of whale prints (or canvases) and a whale shelf can be used for small things. If you have a bigger wall space, you can hang this whale tour sign that will take up empty wall space and add to the ambience. Also, keep track of time with this whale wall clock to note when you fed, changed or put to bed your bundle of joy.

A carpet for the room is needed, too, so try a whale carpet that will add to the theme. On the windows these whale curtains are a great choice that will go perfectly with the bedding are these whale curtains. Too cute!

Rug Studio Joy Carpets Kid Essentials Sea Babies Multi Area Rug


Etsy Blue Gray Whale Silhouette Nursery Window Curtains Baby Boy Nautical Sea Life Ocean Animals Bedroom Room Decor Sheer Blackout Drapery Panels

Finish your whale of a baby’s room with a whale that tells babies stories, plays soothing sounds, or you can record your own voice telling them you love them as they drift off to sleep.

Your baby’s room will be unique and, who knows? Maybe it will inspire your child to grow up to be a ship’s captain, an oceanographer, or enjoy diving!


At Sea Life Cabinet Knobs, we will help you create the coastal home of your baby’s dreams.

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