Big Mouths Aren’t Pelicans’ Only Amazing Feature

November 16, 2022

Photo by Sheikh Nafis:

Pelicans are amazing birds. Their beaks have pouches that can hold up to three gallons of water and they can use that water to help themselves cool off. Inside the pouch can be fish that will be swallowed after the water is shaken out and the pelican swallows. The Dalmatian Pelican is the biggest pelican in the world, with a wingspan of over ten feet and weighing up to twenty-one pounds. Add three gallons of water to that twenty-one pounds at approximately eight pounds per gallon and you have a flying bird that is twenty-one pounds plus twenty-four pounds: forty-five pounds of flying bird! That’s incredible! No wonder it needs a ten foot wingspan!

The male American White Pelican grows a “horn” on top of its beak for mating season. While a White Pelican can grow a horn, a Brown pelican’s eyes may change color during mating season. They can spot fish as they fly from as high as sixty feet in the air. Pelicans are “team players” as they raise their young. Pelicans sometimes eat crustaceans, frogs and turtles; and sometimes other birds.

In mythology, pelicans symbolize the love and sacrifice of parents for their children.

If you want to bring that symbol of love into your home, you can try our pelican cabinet knobs in right and left facing choices. After your cabinets are bedecked with our pelican knobs, you may wish to add a metal flying pelican sculpture. Put a pelican mobile over your child’s bed to show how much you love your child. Add a very cute pelican painting to the room and you’ll hear at least a few “Awwws!” when your guests see it.



Bring the amazement of pelicans into your home with the detailed picture of a pelican splashing his wings in the water. Or make a statement with this glass pelican sculpture that shows a fish in the pelican’s pouch! Put your rings in this pelican’s pouch as you wash dishes or scrub the tub. Use this pelican blanket on the bed to cover someone with love. If you want to make your house easy to find, put this cute pelican weather vane on the fence, the roof, or a post in your yard. 

Christmas is coming and maybe your child would like a Lego® pelican set. Give your friend a Christmas pelican t-shirt. Or you may use these glass pelican ornaments, or these pelican ornaments on your tree. Use these pelican molds to make peppermint bark pelican pops for your family and guests. If someone you love has the right cell phone, you can give them this pelican phone cover.

After you decorate your home and tree with pelicans, remember that you can add more later and that pelicans are amazing birds. If you want to add some love to your home, here at Costello Coastal Knobs you can get all the pelicans you wish. Contact us to order your pelican knobs today!

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