Cabinet Knobs as Memorials, Encouragers, Etc.

December 23, 2022

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Cabinet knobs can be used to create the perfect look for your kitchen, bath, utility room, or furniture, but don’t consider them just pretty perfections. You can use cabinet knobs for other reasons, too.

Did your mother who has passed on love dolphins and you miss her very much? Try using dolphin cabinet knobs and you’ll think of her every time you open that drawer or door. Did you get married on the beach? Palm tree cabinet knobs will remind you of your wedding with each use. Did you really love that Jimmy Buffet concert? These parrot head knobs will bring at least one song to mind every time you open your drawer!


Costello Coastal Knobs DolphinCostello Coastal Knobs Parrot Head

You can use coastal cabinet knobs for many seaside reminders, but you can also use cabinet knobs for inspiration, as well. For instance, if your granddaughter wants to become a marine biologist, put angelfish cabinet knobs in her bedroom, manatee in her bathroom and maybe create a storage chest for her diving gear and use sea turtles on it!

Costello Coastal Knobs Sea Turtle

Costello Coastal Knobs Angelfish

If you don’t have a granddaughter wanting to become a marine biologist, you can still use cabinet knobs for inspiration. For that budding writer, consider these typewriter key cabinet knobs, or these quill and ink cabinet knobs to inspire picking up that pen and putting it to paper. For someone who wants to be a mechanic, try these gear cabinet knobs, or for a budding astrologer, constellation cabinet knobs will be the perfect touch! If you have an artist in the family, try Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” knobs. If your child is an aspiring builder, these cabinet knobs are perfect for the young builder.

Want to start healthy habits and start eating a healthier diet? Try vegetable cabinet knobs. Or maybe you want to lose weight, and can use For a gourmet chef’s dream, try lobster claw cabinet knobs, or these cuter than cute chef themed cabinet knobs. Your goals will keep being inspired as you use your cabinets and furniture.

You can even have spiritual encouragement and inspiration in a cabinet knob. Try these knobs in the shape of a cross, or these Bible verse cabinet knobs to remind you of His grace.

For memory aids, you can use cabinet knobs of different colors to help your child remember that his pants are in the drawer with the purple knobs, shirts in the drawer with the chartreuse knobs. Or you can use cabinet knobs with clothing on them. If you want to remind someone who has a memory problem what to do first, try cabinet knobs with numbers on them. Put the knobs on in the order of use.

Cabinet knobs can be used in your home for so much more than just the cabinet jewelry we all think of when considering what to choose. Think outside of the box and maybe your cabinets can mean something more than storage. They can mean a memory of an important person, a goal set and striving for, or helpful reminders of what is where.

Here at Costello Coastal Knobs we’re here to help you choose coastal knobs to enhance your life. Contact us today.

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