Cabinet Knobs as Table Accessories

March 28, 2023

Photo by Rachel Claire:

There are many special events in life and one of the usual ways to celebrate those special days is to have an extravagant dinner with special food, beautiful dishes, unique decorations and – most importantly – special guests. Sometimes the day’s food preparation is left to one household (or even one person), for other days, it’s shared and a pot luck or assigned dish, shared responsibility dinner is planned. For the planned, shared responsibility “pot luck” we have some suggestions.

Coming up soon, a highly celebrated day, Easter, is coming. For the menu many choose ham, a green vegetable, potatoes of some sort, a salad, a desert and maybe a special wine. Who is bringing what? Do you want to ask again and again who brought the scalloped potatoes, or the delicious cheese cake? Here’s an option to create place cards that will help prevent that.

Say your shared responsibility pot luck is going to be lobster thermidor, oyster dressing, scallops in butter, shrimp cocktails, white wine and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Try decorating the table with abalone shells, sea life candles, starfish and sand dollars. For dishes try black and white striped scalloped plates for the main dish and dressing, for the scallops use scallop shells and the drawn butter for all of that can go in these pretty ocean blue bowls. Shrimp cocktails can be presented in these vintage shrimp cocktail glasses. Use silverware with an ocean wave design and for your wine, use glasses that have ocean themed etching so you can tell which glass is whose.

For your place cards, get small boxes, maybe paint the box then paint or glue the name of each guest/food contributor on the box, but to tell what the person contributed, use this lobster claw cabinet knob as the lid for their box and everyone will know that this person brought the lobster thermidor, a scallop cabinet knob for the scallops. For the shrimp cocktails provider use these knobs with photos of shrimp on them. You get the picture, don’t you? That way when people see the Rob place card with the scallop shell cabinet knob everyone will know that Rob brought the scallops. Simple, isn’t it? Bonus: Rob gets to take his box/place card home with him and you can throw in a little something to surprise him: a small gift to show your appreciation.

Costello Coastal Scallop Shell


Remember to include your linens in your scheme. This tablecloth with lobsters, shrimp and other ocean creatures on it will be perfect for the theme. Pair that with these ocean themed cotton napkins to complete the look.

If you’re not having a seafood feast for Easter (or any other celebration), say you’re having ham and it’s fixings instead, the same idea applies. Using unique place cards, dishes, decorations, candles and silverware on your table will help set the mood, make for a unique dinner party and give your guests a gift to take home with them.

Here at Costello Coastal Knobs we’re ready to help you make your coastal home or event special! Contact us today so we can help.

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