Choosing the Right Knobs For Your Kitchen Cabinets

February 04, 2021

Choosing the Right Knobs For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing or upgrading your kitchen cabinet knobs is a quick, easy, and affordable way to spruce up your kitchen décor. However, due to the vast amount of cabinet handles and pulls available online and in-store, it can be a little overwhelming when choosing the right knobs for your cabinets. With so many options, where to even begin? To help you out, we've put together a few things to think about before choosing the right cabinet knobs for your kitchen.

Five Tips When Choosing Cabinet Knobs

  • Decide If You Want Knobs or Pulls (Or Both!)

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing knobs over pulls or a mix of both. It's often a personal preference and depends on the design of your kitchen. Many people will use knobs for all the doors and pulls for all drawers. For any large door such as a pantry or broom cupboard, a pull might be your best bet. Pulls also help (and are sometimes more comfortable) when your drawers are loaded with heavier items like pots, pans, and ceramic dishes. If you do decide on pulls, remember to think if they will be placed vertically or horizontally, as this may impact your choice of style or design.

  • Think About The Finish

When it comes to cabinet door knobs, two of the most popular finishes are chrome and brushed nickel. These two finishes will blend seamlessly into your kitchen décor and provide a luxurious and sophisticated feel to your cabinets. There are also a variety of other choices to choose from, ranging from bronze to pewter. Whatever finish you decide on, it will add something unique to your cabinets. And if they are high-quality knobs, the finishes will last for years to come without dulling or rubbing off over time.

  • Test a Few Out

If you are not entirely sure which knobs or pulls to buy, why not order a few of your favorites in a variety of finishes? This way, you can examine the quality, hold them in your hands, and place them on the cabinets. Now you can get an exact idea of how each cabinet knob or pull will look and work within your space. You can send back the ones you don't end up choosing, or you can hold onto them for when you want to refurb that old dresser in your bedroom.

  • Choose Quality

Be sure to spend some time choosing high-quality handmade knobs and pulls that sit within your budget. Do your homework and read up on various brand reviews and client feedback. If there isn't any of this available on the seller's site, don't be afraid to request this. Rather invest in high-quality, slightly more expensive knobs than cheaper options. After all, you want these knobs to last a lifetime and not need to replace them in a year or two.

  • Think About Comfort

If you think about how many times you and your family members will be opening and closing your cabinets, comfort really is key here. When you have your samples, be sure to feel them in your hands and fit your fingers inside the pull. Does your hand fit comfortably underneath it? Are there any sharp edges or maybe a rough off-putting texture that feels harsh against your skin? While this may not be an obvious factor, this is important to consider when choosing the right style doorknob or pull for your kitchen cabinets. 


The Best Coastal Cabinet Knobs

Instead of choosing ordinary cabinet knobs or pulls, why not use them to really add something special to your kitchen? Sea Life Cabinet Knobs offer a wide range of sea-life inspired handles for those wanting to create a coastal feel at home. Choose from the country's best coastal cabinet knobs, from crabs, dolphins, seahorses, sea shells, starfish, turtles, whales, birds, and more! Available in brushed nickel, chrome, dark bronze, and white. Each beautifully handmade knob is cast in pewter and designed by artist Peter Costello.


To add a touch of the sea, explore our range of the best coastal cabinet knobs in the country. Visit our website to find out more. 

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