6 Turtle Accents for Your Beach Bathroom Décor

November 04, 2021

6 Turtle Accents for Your Beach Bathroom Décor

If you’re looking to instill some beach décor goodness into your home, your bathroom may be the one place where you can really focus. A living room or dining room may be a bigger project than you want to tackle.

However, a small room with an ocean focus can be the perfect opportunity to really hone in on something you love. For example, if one of your ocean loves is sea turtles, start with a hand-painted tile mural of a sea turtle that can create a focal point over the sink, bathtub or anywhere you want to make a splash. Choose one of the blues from the tile to paint your bathroom walls to ensure that the colors are going to work together.

Turtle Tile Mural

Hanging a stained glass turtle wall hanging, like this one from Etsy’s Solo Glass Studio, in front of the window will catch the sun and bring the stained glass to life, as well as cast color throughout the room as the sun shines in.

Turtle Sun Catcher

Your children will enjoy bath time more if they have a place to remove shoes and socks without falling over. Give them a cute place to sit down on Amazon seller’s, Sea Island Imports, Inc.’s, carved turtle stool. If you bathe more than one child at a time when one is waiting for the other to finish a sitting place besides the toilet will help with the wait for the first one finished.

Wooden Turtle Stool

Add to the sea turtle theme by doing the unexpected with your wall switch; a turtle switch plate cover will be a nice surprise and a welcome addition to the coastal look. The small things really make a difference, so include Sea Life Cabinet Knob’s Sea Turtle Cabinet Knob on your vanity, storage, or pull-open linen closet doors.

Turtle knob installed on cabinet door

You have dealt with the walls, one window and the small things, but don’t forget the horizontal surfaces in your coastal décor. Try a faux turtle shell art piece to accent the vanity top. It’s the total picture that makes your beach décor really work and focusing on turtles in the “smallest room in the house” won’t seem like over-doing the focus elsewhere.

Gold Faux Turtle Shell

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