Coastal? Beachy? Nautical?

May 18, 2023

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First, is there a difference between the three decorating themes? While similar ideas, there is a difference. According “Remodel or Move”, the difference between coastal and nautical is that in coastal, you’re using things and colors related to the coast. While in nautical, your focus is on boating things. At, author Audrey Bruno would agree with that, and offer more information. At, they have what they call, “The Ultimate Guide to Coastal Style (With Photos)”. That should clear that up, right?

Okay, so we know what coastal is, now how about the nautical and beachy? What are the differences between those two? Pinterest has a lot of good nautical ideas and things to inspire and inform you as to what “nautical” is. Nautical focuses on things pertaining to boats: oars, stripes, deep blues, signal flags, flotation devices, lighthouses, round mirrors to mimic portholes.

We’ve covered coastal and nautical, but what, exactly, is “beachy” décor? Is it part coastal and part nautical? Not really. It’s more of a focus on what you find on the beach: the sand (in color, or actual sand in vases, or glued to boxes or bottles for décor pieces), sun bleached shells, driftwood, items that washed ashore and are faded from the salt and sun.

You want to do a white slipcovered sofa, light seafoam green accent chairs and light walls with light wooden floors. You want a soft white area rug, light blue glass lamps with white shades and seashell accent pillows. Cabinet knobs should reflect the theme as well, so try these sand dollar cabinet knobs and pulls. They’ll really set your theme apart! Your table top decorations are bleached seashells, a white, glossy pitcher, and some white and brown spheres, for example. Which theme would you be using if you decorated your room like this? If you said “beachy”, you’re right!

Costello Coastal Knobs Sand Dollar Cabinet Hardware Collection

Costello Coastal Knobs Sand Dollar Cabinet Pull Vertical

Now how about nautical? In the bedroom, try this bed linen set of bold blue and white stripes, bookends like this lighthouse and ship’s wheel set, wall art featuring paddles, a round wall clock to mimic the shape of a porthole and, of course, sailboat cabinet knobs. You can do nautical in the living room, kitchen, dining room or anywhere your heart desires to think of sailing, cruising, or boating on water; even if it’s in the fishing pond out back.

Costello Coastal Knobs Sailboat Cabinet Knob

That leaves us with the coastal look. How do you create a coastal theme that doesn’t look beachy? Start with what a coast is: It can be craggy and rocky, smooth sand and soft, lapping waves, or high cliffs with no way down in the immediate vicinity. So, what do you see on a coast? Start with the shorebirds, like an inspiration piece like this wall art. Add a palm frond bed set, add palm tree cabinet knobs or pulls, a natural seagrass basket for an extra blanket, or books beside a comfy reading chair. Add table décor of a spiral of river rocks, a faux palm tree beside the dresser and a dresser with rattan inserts and your coastal look is good to go!

Costello Coastal Knobs Palm Tree Left Leaning

Costello Coastal Knobs Palm Tree Right Leaning

You may wish to mix the three looks and do your own thing. That’s allowed; but now at least you know.

Whichever look you’re going for – coastal, beachy, or nautical – Costello Coastal Knobs is here to help you do your thing. Contact us to get the cabinet knobs and pulls to get your theme going.

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