Coastal Décor: Subtle Is Acceptable

April 15, 2022

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Whether you live in the mountains of Colorado, the plains of Nebraska, or the top-most part of Texas, you can have a coastal attitude and heart, and still create a coastal look pretty easily. You can go all out, or do very subtle things that will allow that “hint of” coastal that will bring a sweet, knowing smile to your face as you see those hints. Sea Life Cabinet Knobs has many blogs about the subject of how to make a room reflect that style, so let’s cover the “hints of” coastal that can create the feel, without it being glaringly obvious.

Start in the living or family room with a basic, soft blue storage unit or television stand. That’s bringing in the colors of the ocean. Good start. Exchange the pulls and knobs with these Loon knobs and flip flop pulls. It’s not quite seashells or starfish, so it doesn’t hit anyone over the head.

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs Flip Flop Pull

Want a little more in the same room, but not something that loudly screams “Beach!”? Try curtains from Etsy seller, Brishty. They will set the ocean in motion when you have a breeze, but they don’t have fish, shells, or lobsters on them.

Etsy Brishty Ocean Inspired Curtains

In your bedroom, you don’t need a comforter with shells, but if you used a soft Wedgewood Blue tufted headboard you can use that and a pair of beautiful bedside lamps that have movement in them and to add that little bit of coastal feel that you love.

WalMart Safavieh Axel Modern Glam Tufted Headboard

Lamps Plus Possini Euro Jaime Blue and Gray Art Glass Lamp

Although kitchens are great places to really set a theme in motion, you can still do a seaside kitchen without being over-the-top. Try something different for your countertops and hire a professional to do an epoxy resin countertop that will make your kitchen a unique, one-of-a-kind showplace. That, and some surfboard pulls on your cabinet doors and drawers will make your kitchen another place you can see the coastal theme, but won’t be totally obvious to everyone else.

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs Surfboard Pull

Bathrooms are another place where ocean themes can be really played up. If that’s not quite your style, though, it’s time to pull back and just do the few little things that will make it a theme that only you will know is there, unless you tell others, of course. Start with a beautiful floor tile that will relax and awe you. Add some pastel aqua towels and your ocean dreams will start the moment you sink into that hot bath.

Floor and Decor Vita Bella Porcelain Tile

WalMart Aquifer Bath Towel by Better Homes and Gardens

That hint of beach will be on display in your dining room with a table that is not quite a traditional coastal look, but very close. Above the table, hang a chandelier that is shaped like an ark. Your guests will never guess that they’re sitting in a coastal dining room, but they will be!

Cottage & Bungalow Spring Island Ark Oval Basket Chandelier

Coastal Chic Eldridge Round Dining Table

Coastal décor doesn’t have to be totally obvious. It can be hidden to those who aren’t looking for it, or who aren’t thinking about it. Decorating in hints and clues won’t be overt, but it’s going to make you smile because you see it, you know it’s there and you hear the call of the ocean every time you walk through your home.

Whatever your desire -- totally coastal/beach décor, or something very subtle -- Sea Life Cabinet Knobs can help you achieve the look!

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