Coastal Farmhouse Décor – Here are Some Simple Ideas

February 26, 2021

Coastal Farmhouse living room

Still extremely popular, the coastal farmhouse décor style is classic and won't date quickly. It is an effortless and laid-back approach to home décor that includes simple, comfortable furnishings with a pop of seaside color and natural fibers. The farmhouse style brings in light and rustic touches, mixing old and new elements, using wood, metal, and distressing. This gives your home a clean, traditional look. The coastal vibe brings in sand colors, ocean blues, and natural textures, creating a mood of relaxation and peace.

There are, of course, many versions of coastal style, so you can keep it minimal or splash out with seaside decorations. A more modern take will be light, inspired by organic and seaside colors with textures such as jute and rattan with baskets, natural fiber rugs, and easy-to-clean linen while taking it easy on the nautical themes.

This look is simple to achieve by adding a few elegant pieces and updating your color scheme. It's easy to bring warmth, comfort, and serenity to your home with the coast farmhouse décor. Here are a few simple ideas to get you started.

Aqua Details

A coastal farmhouse living room will include a wooden coffee table, natural fiber rug, accents of wicker chairs or wooden light fittings, and, of course, the aqua details. Bring in the seaside colors with a collection of frosted glass bottles, cushions, books, or artwork that will add a cool, airy feel to your space.

 Coastal Farmhouse Living room


Rustic Moldings

If you already have wooden beams throughout your home, that's great. Make sure the wood is exposed and not painted over. If you don't have any exposed wood, you could consider adding elements like shiplap on the walls – you can even add color to your shiplap if you wish.

Unfussy Furniture

This style encourages a laid-back, comfy feel to your furniture – no hard lines or formality. Rather, overstuffed cushions, slipcovers, and soft edges. You want to create a space where people can feel relaxed. Neutral colors work best, with accents of the ocean colors in pillows and throw blankets.

Dining Table

A large farmhouse-style dining table will anchor this décor style in your home. It's a place for the family to connect, eat, and play games. A wooden table is best, and why not stain the tabletop to accent the wood and paint the legs and chairs in white. Accent pieces on the table will bring it to life, adding cool ocean colors and perhaps even some plants.

 Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room Table

Porch or Sitting Area

Whitewash or distress a small table, add some plants in natural fiber baskets, a pile of seaside coffee table books, a cotton towel draped over a wicker accent chair, and you're set. All in blues, whites, and natural fibers to bring home the style. If you're decorating a porch, why not add rustic reclaimed wood hand-cut wall designs. Perhaps seagulls in blues and sandy greens.

Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

If you have space in your kitchen, create a cozy farmhouse breakfast nook. Choose a small, distressed wood table and paint some vintage wooden chairs in aqua or blues. Don't forget a small coastal-themed centerpiece to bring the style together.

Accent Pieces

If you're looking to fill empty tables or shelves, have a look around for clean, simple coastal details. Find things like sea glass, woven fabrics, or a simple seaside decoration such as a starfish or a glass jar filled with shells. Here are some ideas of how to put them together:

  • Create a coastal cloche with your seaside finds. Why not plant a succulent in a large seaside shell, add a small frosted vase, and ocean accents on a wooden base. Your guests will marvel at its simple elegance. This bell-shaped glass beauty will look lovely in your bedroom or take center stage in the living room.
  • Another idea is to create an elegant driftwood wreath made with driftwood and your favorite collected shells. You can hang this on your front door or anywhere in the house. Place it on the coffee table with a hurricane lamp or candle placed in the middle of it.
  • Take a look at the little details too. Why not update your cabinet knobs and handles to make a seaside statement in the bathroom? Swap out your existing knobs with beautiful pewter sand dollar or conch shell knobs, robe hooks, towel bars, toilet paper hangers, and more.

 Sand Dollar Knob

  • Make a reclaimed wood shelf with hooks to hang in your entryway or mudroom. You can top the shelf with coastal-style items or distress the wood with chalk paint.
  • Find some wooden shutters and window frames, distress them in your favorite color, and add to a rustic outside wall as a focal piece.
  • Don't forget the classic farmhouse décor piece, the mason jar. Create a centerpiece in your home with aqua-painted mason jars placed in a wooden box. Add some twine bows and fresh flowers in the jars, and you've got a simple, elegant design combining farmhouse tradition and coastal colors.

The two design styles of farmhouse and coastal work together to incorporate lots of texture, light, and simplicity. It's an obvious way to go if you have the chance to redecorate.


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