Combinations: Things That Just Go Together

August 25, 2022

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There are things that just go together, aren’t there? Peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, ice cream and cake, candles and romance, to name a few. In the ocean when we think of things that go together, we may think of penguins and fish, puffins and murres, whales and remoras, sea anemones and sea urchins. When children think of ocean creatures, it may be more like turtles and seahorses, or starfish and sand dollars.

When we design a bathroom for children, maybe we should take that into account. For instance, we could do a turtle and seahorse bathroom for a child (or children). What would that look like? Here are some suggestions.

Start with color: usually a soft blue is a good background for a child’s ocean-themed bathroom, or maybe a subdued blue-green would be good. Most of the rest of the suggestions are very easily changed as the children grow up, so rest assured that you won’t be stuck with these suggestions forever, and it won’t take a bathroom renovation to make the room more mature.

After the wall color, use a window decal in the shape of a turtle and a seahorse on a window, or glass shower door. Put a seahorse bathmat beside the tub and put up a sea turtle shower curtain.

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Put a seahorse (or two) or a set of seahorse and turtle prints on the wall. Add a small seahorse sculpture and a sea turtle trinket tray on the vanity. Use a sea turtle nightlight in the wall plug. Be sure to include sea turtle bath toys, and a sea turtle stool to sit on to take off shoes and socks. Remember to get some adorable sea turtle and sea horse towels. Waspaper: Seahorse Coastal Wall Figure, Coastal Decor, Beachy Interior Art, Under the Sea Theme, Salt Life Patina Finish, Ready to Hang OVMKOV Animal Footstool Turtle Upholstered Ottoman PU Leather Pouf Wood Foot Stool Rest for Living Room Bedroom Sofa Bench Seat Chair, Grass


On a white vanity, be sure to use beautiful and sturdy seahorse knobs, both left and right, to face each other on the doors and drawers. Alternatively, you can use sea turtle knobs. For a little extra fun, try a sea turtle shaped mirror! Your kids will go wild! Use this sea turtle trash basket for their used tissues. If you have the room, put this seahorse reading rack in their bathroom for them to be able to read favorite books, do puzzles, or color while waiting for nature to take its course.


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If you want to do flooring that will work for the life of the house, not just until the kids are ten, try these blue and white hexagonal tiles that will last a lifetime.

Your bathroom is ready to use. Now all you have to do is get the kids to use it. No suggestions for that, though: you’re on your own!

Here at Costello Coastal Knobs we would be glad to help you choose just the right knobs and pulls for your coastal decorating needs. Call today!

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