Using conch shells to enhance your coastal and island decor

June 05, 2020

Using conch shells to enhance your coastal and island decor | Sea Life Cabinet Knobs

The Queen Conch is a large edible marine mollusk (or snail) found in the Atlantic Ocean on coasts from Brazil to Florida, throughout the Caribbean Islands, the Bahamas, and Bermuda. It is 1 of 3 symbols found on the flag of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Most recognized for their heavy thick shell with pink and orange interior color, the conch produces its own shell and can grow up to 12 inches in length. Generally, Conchs live in shallow water, take 3 to 4 years to mature and be suitable for consumption, and enjoy a lifespan of up to 40 years. Conch meat is eaten domestically in Caribbean countries and exported as a delicacy to the United States and other countries.

natural conch shell

Because of its beautiful color and thick shell, conchs are often sold to tourists for their shells and as jewelry. Due to their late age of sexual maturity, occurrence in shallow waters, and slow growth rate, conchs are very susceptible to overfishing. Since they were once found in high numbers throughout the Florida Keys, it’s now considered illegal to take them in the state of Florida.

Upgrade Your Coastal Home Decor with Conch Shell Cabinet Knobs

Did you know that Conchs also naturally produce pearls? Like the conch’s shell, their pearls can be found in color hues of pink, orange, brown and white. Even though the Queen Conch naturally comes with a right facing shell flange, Peter Costello has sculpted this beautiful shell in both right and left facing designs! This way you can bring symmetry with your coastal decor dreams to life.

conch shell cabinet knob set

Our conch shell cabinet knobs are fully sculpted three dimensional pieces with a heavy weight and realistic design. Available as a single post knob in brushed nickel, chrome, white, and dark bronze finishes, these artistic expressions of Caribbean and island decor are sure to bring back coastal and beach memories to your mind. They are built to stand the test of time and the ideal seaside bathroom accessories for any room in your home.


dark bronze conch cabinet knob

chrome cabinet knob

white conch shell cabinet knob

Pair Conch Shell Cabinet Knobs with Valances and Pillows

If you’d like to step up your coastal decor, we suggest valances and pillows that look great with our Conch Shell cabinet knobs. Try a beautiful coastal valance with seahorses, aqua leaves, and writing design. It’s a nice addition to virtually any room in your home. If you’d like something brighter, you can’t go wrong with the tropical valance, complete with seashells and seahorses in shades of orange, yellow, brown, blue, and aqua.

Seahorse valance by Kelley Chiavarelli

Sea shell valance by Kelley Chiavaroli

A coastal pillow cover is another unique way to really take your beach house decor to the next level. You don’t need large pieces of furniture or artwork to give your home a beachy, coastal vibe. With the right knobs, valances, and pillow covers, you can give your beach house subtle touches that make you feel like you’re surrounded by blue skies, sand, and blue water all day, every day.

conch shell pillow by Kelley Chiavaroli

For more ideas on how you can enhance your coastal home decor with Peter Costello’s Coastal Cabinet Knobs and Pulls, we encourage you to explore Sea Life Cabinet Knobs.

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