Create a Beach Feeling for Maximum Relaxation

March 17, 2022

When we think of going to the beach, we think of soft sand beneath our feet, ocean waves lapping at the shore and our own home. Wait. What? Yes, you can bring that beach feeling into – or just outside – your home, no matter where you live. If you want to create that relaxing beach feeling within your home read on!

Creating a relaxing beach feeling in your own home can be very simple. Let’s start with the living room and carpeting that looks like sand, is as soft as sand (less crunchy) and is going to lay the foundation of relaxation. Remember to get really good padding to make your carpet last longer, and to make it as soft as possible. Go from there to the soft blue walls to remind you of the sky. Try creating an Ombre effect on either side of the patio doors so that it’s not too much to handle as an accent wall, but when you stand potted palm trees (real or faux) on both sides of the door, it really does look like sand meeting the ocean as the wall gets bluer as it goes up. For window treatments, try reed or grass roller shades in light tans. Furnish your living room with soft, cushy linens in white, very pale blues and pastel aqua..

For your entertainment center, side tables, coffee table, etc., use flip flop cabinet knobs, or surfboard door pulls for additional impact. Remember to top those tables with a few scattered sea shells, a sand dollar sculpture, lamps that mimic the Ombre on the walls and look like buoys, or that have shore birds on them. Remember your lighting should also mimic the beach, so check your light bulbs: are they a soft white to mimic the sun, or do they cast more blue light, that wouldn’t really look like you’re at the beach?

Flip Flop Knobs


Shorebird Lamp

Ombre Lamps

In the kitchen, dining room, utility room, or wherever, the same principles apply: stay in the soft color families, and bring the beach inside: sans sand.

If, on the other hand, you want to bring your beach to the outside, creating that feeling on your patio, or screened porch, start with a ceiling fan (if you have a place to hang it) in white and sun-bleached wood tones, so you can feel the ocean’s breeze. Hang towels from sailboat robe hooks so that you can dry off after a dip in the pool, water sprinkler, or just to wipe the sweat from your brow. Go for something not quite unusual, but maybe a little surprising in a hammock, because who wouldn’t like to fall asleep swaying in a hammock to the sound of the ocean? Make sure that you have the sound of running water, in a nice rock waterfall fountain, or a simpler option in a flamingo water fountain that will look like it's close to the ocean as well as create the water sounds you need. Try a wicker-look bar set for your table with bar stools and table in light tans. Hang a beach scene wall hanging on an outside wall to enhance the feeling. Wash your hands in cold press ocean scented soap or soap made for mermaid dreams before you go lie in your hammock and you will finish the effect.

Sailboat Towel Hook


Rock Waterfall

Wicker-look Bar Set

Whatever your goal for a coastal, beach themed room, home, feel, Sea Life Cabinet Knobs is appropriate for the room, setting, or situation.

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