Decorating for Christmas in Coastal Style

November 05, 2021

Small Christmas tree planted on sandy beach

If you like the coastal décor theme and want to do Christmas in that look, you may wish to consider the following ideas for making your Christmas Santa’s dream vacation.

The Christmas tree can be flocked white and covered in cool colors of ocean turquoise, a hemp rope for garland, some balls enrobed in fishnet and tied with raffia or turquoise grosgrain ribbon. Use starfish, in natural colors or bleached white, aqua raffia bows and maybe a tree skirt of turquoise coral on a white background. If not that, then try bleached linen stamped with aqua starfish, or a burlap tree skirt to look like sand. Or go all in by putting the tree into a plastic wading pool and (if you don’t have cats) put sand in it to act as the tree skirt. For the tree topper, try this unique handmade lace coral and seashell topper by Sea Things Ventura.


Sea Shell Star Topper Sea Things Ventura


Don’t forget to decorate the walls with your beach-themed Christmas decorations. Use this sand dollar wall art as a cute snowman substitute and these starfish towel hooks or sand dollar towel hooks to hang your beach themed Christmas stockings.


Sand Dollar Towel Hook



Starfish Hooked Christmas Stocking


Use these octopus ornaments as place card holders on your table scape, blue ornaments with sea shells inside them in the centerpiece with these turquoise bottle brush trees and you’ll definitely need many shiny turquoise ornaments to use in centerpieces or just use to hang on the tree and around the house. Add some lights to your centerpiece via this sea glass fairy light strand. Don’t forget to add a little relief to the turquoise by adding some white ornaments to the centerpiece, otherwise it may be a little overwhelming or monotonous.

Octopus Ornament for Place Card Holders


Ornament with Sea Shells Inside
Sea Glass Fairy Lights



Remember to stay warm during the cooler weather. Offer this turquoise octopus throw as a way to keep your toes cozy during the Christmas season.

The door needs a wreath, so try this Etsy offering from Beautiful Mesh, with starfish and sand dollars. Wind this garland of starfish and sand dollars around the stair rail, hang it from the fireplace, or over a doorway. If you want to bring in the “reason for the season”, try this mother of pearl nativity shell. 

Mother of Pearl Nativity Shell


Finally, remember that your guests are probably going to enjoy your beach themed Christmas, so give them a little beach to take home with them. Give them a message in a bottle ornament with sand inside and tell them that the message is that you love them very much. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?


Christmas doesn't have to be red and green, gold and silver. It can be whatever colors you wish, and a coastal themed Christmas is possible. At Sea Life Cabinet Knobs we have the widest range of cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, and wall hooks for your ocean style kitchens and bathrooms. Since 2000, we’ve offered the finest collection of coastal hardware on the market. Each and every product we sell is designed and hand-sculpted by Peter Costello, an established marine life artist. Each product is hand finished and inspected to ensure it is made to perfection. To view our entire collection, visit our website today


NOTE: Top photo: Photo by Karen Laårk Boshoff from Pexels

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