Decorating Small Spaces for Christmas Using Cabinet Knobs

November 30, 2022

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You love Christmas! You have a small place but you’d still love to decorate big time for Christmas. What do you do? How about thinking outside of the box and doing things that are unexpected? Use cabinet knobs to create your Christmas decorations!

First, you need to choose the theme of your Christmas décor. Are you going to go traditional, red and green? Or maybe you want something subdued BoHo chic? Maybe you want to go coastal, with beach touches and a sand-between-the-toes feel?

For any of these looks, you will need supplies. You need ribbon of a color of your choice (or twine for the beachy look), alcohol wipes, some double-sided tape that won’t damage surfaces (or you can try the largest 3M® tabs that are easily removed) or some barrel screws (if you don’t mind putting a few holes in the walls that you can spackle over later), floral wire, cardstock paper, paper clips, Christmas ornaments, floral picks, sea shells, paint (don’t panic!) and, of course, the cabinet knobs of your choice. Always use alcohol wipes where you plan to put the double-sided tape.

Okay, here’s the plan. You can do the following projects with any look you choose.

Project 1) You may have to remove art from the wall to do this, but choose a place about 5.5 feet up and put a tab, or piece of tape there. Measure equal distances from that point on both sides of the tape. Drop a third piece of ribbon with a pen, fishing weight, or something to create a plumb bob, and put a piece of tape just above the baseboards there. Put the first three knobs on the double-sided tape. Cut ribbons to go from the top to each side knob. Repeat the process inside the triangle you just made to create vertical or horizontal lines with more ribbon. Hang, staple, or paper clip ornaments, Christmas cards, family photos, or floral picks onto the ribbon. Voilà! You have a Christmas tree that takes up about 1.5" worth of “floor space” and can be easily removed and put away until next year, when you can put it up in a different space, or in a different theme!

Project 2) Using the same tape/knob technique, place the tape pieces along the wall near the ceiling. Cut varying lengths of ribbon or twine and hang ornaments from the ribbon. You can do this around a room, down the hall, in the bathroom, up a stairway: wherever you need a little more Christmas bling!

Project 3) Put the tape/knobs along the bottom of your upper cabinets. Using floral wire, secure festively colored paper clips to the knobs. Print out your favorite family recipes and hang them around the kitchen from the paper clips. Using Christmas themed paper will help with the festive feel, or print a unique graphic onto each recipe. Bonus: you have the recipes hanging right there and as you do your Christmas preparations you won’t have to search for Grandma’s Nut Cake recipe in the box you’ve filled with everything from Teriyaki to cocktail recipes!

Project 4) This one takes a little more work, but it’s fun and going to look wonderful! In the dining room, measure a wall of your choice (just above a chair rail makes it easier) and divide that number by the number of people living in the home. Place double-sided tape and a knob on the resulting measurements. Create “cones” out of cardstock paper to go with your theme. Make a small hole big enough to pass the ribbon or twine through near the top of the cone. Hang the cone from the knob and measure about an inch up on each side. Put tape and a knob on each side of the bottoms of the cones. Now put a silverware place setting in each cone for Christmas day, with the lower knobs helping support the weight. Be sure to put the tines of the forks toward the wall, or cover them with something to soften them, and no steak knives. If you desire, run a piece of ribbon from the left bottom knob, to the next left bottom knob, leaving a little extra too swag and create a softer look, and so on until the end, then do the same with the right in a contrasting ribbon color.

Now for the suggested cabinet knobs. Buy some wooden, paintable cabinet knobs, paint the knobs the green of your choice (is it a blue spruce or a Norfolk pine?) and let them dry completely before you use them. Paint the knobs green? Use green ribbon to create the tree, red for the interior, and both for going down the hall, or draping along the dining room. If you desire, paint some of the knobs red, to act as “bulbs” within the ribbon tree.

For BoHo chic, try these mandala wood painted knobs, or these faux copper knobs, twine, off-white ribbon or lace, and some dried flowers instead of silk floral picks.

For the coastal look, try these starfish knobs, or the palm tree knobs. This is where you use the twine, sea shells and throw in a little crab or two if you wish.

Costello Coastal Knobs Palm Tree Left Leaning

Costello Coastal Knobs Starfish Small

You can do this with all kinds of looks! Create your own cabinet knob Christmas and your small space will shine with the Christmas spirit!

Here at Costello Coastal Knobs, we’re here to help you create the coastal look of your dreams: Christmas or otherwise. Contact us today and let us help you accomplish your dreams!

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