Enhance Your Beach Style Décor with Starfish Drawer Pulls and Knobs

July 18, 2020

Enhance Your Beach Style Décor with Starfish Drawer Pulls and Knobs | Sea Life Cabinet Knobs

Also known as Sea Stars, Starfish are universally loved marine life for coastal decor. Therefore, it’s no surprise that they’re our most popular creature for enhancing your beach bathroom decor.

Just about everyone would agree that they impart a stunning look with their remarkably intricate design. 

Starfish are found in all the world's oceans, from tropical seas to frigid arctic waters, and from shallow tidal areas to 20,000 foot deep off the seafloor. Ironically, they can’t survive in fresh water and must be in salt all the time.

Unlike humans and other living things, they don’t have a brain or any blood. What they usually do have, however, is five arms. Believe it or not, starfish can also be quite heavy. Despite their small appearance, they may weigh up to 11 pounds.

The fine characteristics of our Starfish cabinet knob and drawer pull collection are of greatest importance! We offer both the realistically textured starfish and the smooth surface Bahama starfish for versatility in your beach house decor.

The stippled starfish is available in small (2"), medium (2.5"), and large (3") sizes to accommodate a variety of nautical bathroom applications. Our best-selling ocean themed cabinet knob is most definitely these Starfish! When people see our Starfish cabinet knobs, they instantly picture salt air and relive memorable times in the water or at the beach.

small, medium, and large Stippled starfish drawer and cabinet knobs


Starfish Knobs are Perfect for Your Beach Home Decor

We have no doubts you’ll love and appreciate the fine detail and exquisite design of Peter Costello’s Starfish knobs. Designed and sculpted by Peter Costello, then cast in solid pewter at our foundry and mastery hand finished in brushed nickel by our artisans, these knobs and pulls are sure to bring life into your beach themed kitchen, bathroom, or just about any other room in your beach style house.

Dark Bronze, Chrome, and White Starfish Knob and Pull finishes

They come in 4 colors: neutral-colored brushed nickel and powder coat applied chrome, dark bronze, and white to match just about any beach home accessories you may already have. All our products are cast in solid pewter with threaded brass ferrules in the mounting post for lifetime durability and stability. At Sea Life Cabinet Knobs, quality and superior design are our top priorities. Some of our most appreciated Starfish pulls and knobs include:

 Bezel Starfish Drawer Knob

medium and small Bahama Starfish knobs

Starfish towel hook hardware accessory

Starfish Drapery Tie Back Hardware

Triple Starfish Drawer Pull

With our wide array of Starfish offerings, you’re sure to find one or a few decor pieces to transform your beach house decor from ordinary to extraordinary. Time after time, customers agree that Peter's Starfish cabinet knob hardware is a superb enhancement for any beach bathroom decor.

To see more of Peter Costello's collection of Coastal Cabinet Knobs and Pulls, we encourage you to visit Sea Life Cabinet Knobs.

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