Coastal Christmas Gift Ideas for a Beach House

December 01, 2021

Photo by Anthony Shkraba from Pexels

No matter where you live, or what kind of décor you have, if someone gifts you something that is (how do I put this nicely?) not quite right for you or your home, it’s difficult to love the gift, even though you still love the giver. If your home is full of mid-century modern and someone gives you a very Victorian chaise lounge, it’s difficult to fit in without changing your decorating theme to a more “eclectic” look. Or, if you have a western theme and someone gifts you an Eastlake (1870-1890 at peak popularity) entrance table, it’s tricky fitting it in.

If you know someone who has a coastal themed home and you’re trying to figure out what to buy for them this Christmas, here are a few suggestions that may make you the hit of the season for your coastal décor friends and family. After all, no one wants to be the person who gives a gift that gets the “Oh.” deadpan face reception, right?

For gifts that will “Wow!” the coastal themed decorator, try this shell themed platter for your family or friends to drop their mail into as they return from a hard day’s work. It is big enough to hold big envelopes and beach focused so the platter by itself will fit in well. For extra storage the family needs in the entryway, family room, or the master bedroom, try this whitewashed gothic cabinet, switching out door handles to something more coastal if you desire. 

Shell Platter


Whitewashed Gothic Cabinet



Coastal décor does not prevent you from being practical. After all, who would not want a new ocean colored KitchenAid mixer? After the mixer, how about a few new kitchen accessories, like a miscellaneous lineup of jars with wooden lids then upcycle them by adding a Sea Life Cabinet Knob like the seashell, sand dollar, or turtle knob to give that wink and nod to coastal décor? Add to the kitchen’s coastal theme by giving them a silverware set with shells on it, or some actual shells to cook on!

Storage Jar with Wooden Lid
Sea Life Cabinet Knobs Sand Dollar


Upcycled Storage Jar: Turtle


In the bathroom, a trio of containers with wooden lids and coastal themed knobs would be a great place to put cotton balls, cotton swabs and glasses cleaners. Try a seashell shower curtain, or a fish mirror in aqua and blue.



Trio of Containers to Upcycle




Fish Mirror


If you are gifting someone who has a lot of flip flops and you are a little handy with tools, get a 1” x 6” x 6’ board, cut about a 30-degree angle at one end and drill about twenty-four holes (vertically climbing) in it to fit the screws in the Sea Life Cabinet Knob flip flop knobs. After mounting the flip flop knobs, then get a cute pair of flip flops as part of the gift and hang either one pair of flip flops on each knob, or hang one flip flop per knob. Lean it against the wall and you've got  a cute, easy way to store flip flops and it’s a good way to organize them, but it doesn’t have to go into the closet!

Flip Flop Cabinet Knob


For someone who has wall space available, try a canvas with a beach scene or a coral silhouette. For smaller spaces, try a cute coastal themed outlet cover, or a wall sculpture of a seahorse or a metal fish. A shelf that will hold seashells will be welcomed and used for their sea related trinkets.


Canvas of Beach Scene
Seahorse Wall Decor



Most people have a space in their home where an area rug would be useful, so try this coastal runner for a knockout gift.

If the recipient of the gift is adventurous, you can always think outside (the box?) and give them tickets to a sailboat experience. If they love the water, they may love the chance to learn some new skills and experience something they’ve never done before.


Sailboat Experience


 Hopefully, these suggestions were helpful and your gift this Christmas (birthday, anniversary, whatever) is a great hit with the people you love.

Whatever coastal décor you're trying to reflect, improve upon, or gift, Sea Life Cabinet Knobs are a great choice to incorporate into your home's theme. Check out the quality made choices at Sea Life Cabinet Knobs.

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