High End Coastal Chic

February 15, 2022

High End Coastal Chic

When most people think of coastal décor they think of weathered woods, white, turquoise, blues, rustic light browns, twine and seashells. Must it be that, though? Or are there options that most people would not think of? Let’s explore the possibility of there being something we’ll call “High End Coastal Chic” for your living room décor.

What would “High End Coastal Chic” look like? Let’s start with the hard furnishings. We can use darker woods, starting with a dark wood floor instead of a light wood, or distressed paint. The furniture can be sleek, dark woods, antiques that are linear and without a lot of embellishments. To bring in a subtle hint of coastal décor on your furniture, use the stylized Chambered Nautilus or the Tulip Conch Shell for a continuation of your sleek look.


Chambered Nautilus Drawer Pull

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs Tulip Shell Pull

Go with a leather couch, if you so choose, just choose something with a comfortable (not sloppy) shape, but not hard lines and chrome legs. Consider a light color: an off white, not pure white, or a cool blue. Tie it together with a plush, medium blue area rug, brown and cool blue couch cushions and throws. A comfy chair of blue and off-white stripes can offset the off-white couch and give your guests a good place to sit and spend time with you.


Blue Area Rug


Blue and White Striped Chair

Consider your lamps; do you want one that is a sleek chrome? If so, I’d say okay, but let’s put a deep blue shade on it, and use some blue candlesticks on the sofa table and some books about the ocean or coastal living on the table beside them.

For the walls, use the lightest blue you can find without it being undiscernible, to balance the darkness of the furniture and floors. Use modern art to your advantage and choose abstract art  pieces like this one, or this wave, but choose something bold.


Abstract Ocean Painting


Abstract Wave Painting

Treat your windows as frames around the ocean view, but do so with dramatic deep blue silk curtains with white sheers that touch the floor. Use good lighting – pot lights are a good idea – but make it dimmable. A round mirror is almost a must, but make it a contemporary mirror with a dark wooden frame. Your tabletop décor should be sleek and modern, like this glass seashell, sea life figurines, or a real sea shell.

Sea Life Figurines


Atlantic Whelk Sea Shell


For an accent wall, you can do a high end tile of mother of pearl, or a combination of mother of pearl and blue. Your wall will help reflect the light and will make your guests say “Wow!” If that’s not quite your style, try a wall (or floor) of 48” x 48” porcelain tile that will make your guests think of the ocean. The size and finish are modern and high end.

Mother of Pearl Subway Tiles


Mother of Pearl and Blue Tiles


Turquoise, twine and white are fine for coastal décor, but just because that’s the traditional way to do it, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to do it. Go for drama, luxury and high-end finishes and you can go a different route. Create your own path through the ocean of décor. Suit your own needs, without following everyone else in the way you decorate your coastal home.

Whichever choice you make – "traditional" coastal décor or high end coastal chic – be sure to check out Sea Life Cabinet Knobs’ wide variety of cabinet pulls and knobs to enhance your choice.

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