5 Ways to Create a Beach Style Bedroom

March 20, 2020

5 Ways to Create a Beach Style Bedroom | Sea Life Cabinet Knobs

The lure of the beach is undeniable. It's a place that offers a casual and calm way of life, where nature takes center stage, and you can unwind. If you love the beach like we do, but don't live near or on one, no problem. There are plenty of ways you can turn an ordinary bedroom into a beach-style space that allows you to relax from the daily grind. 

Coastal style is timeless, and it can be easily changed to suit your personal beach tastes. Whether you want to go the way of modern and contemporary, vintage and nautical, or natural simplicity with loads of texture, there are plenty of options to get your bedroom beach-style ready.

There are plenty of bedroom décor ideas to try; it doesn't matter if you want to modernize your current beach house bedroom or want to bring a touch of seaside living to your home. Here at Sea Life Cabinet Knobs, we've done some research to help you create a beach-style bedroom. Our research has led us to these beach bedroom décor tips.

1. Consider the Color Scheme

A black room won't make you feel like you're at the beach. On the other hand, ocean colors like dark blue and turquoise will, paired alongside natural fibers and light neutral colors like white, sandy beige, and even sunny yellow. When painting your room and shopping for beach-themed accessories, keep this color scheme in mind. It'll allow you to achieve a tranquil, bright space. Consider soft hues and classic whitewash or distressed gray for your beds and nightstands, and if you need a pop of color, consider a feature wall of light blue or rustic and turquoise shiplap.

2. Select the Right Bedding

When shopping for bedding, you have a few options. You can go for sheets and a comforter that is covered in fish, seashells, seahorses, or sailboats. Opt for a classic striped blue and white bedspread that offers a more subtle look. Or keep things light and white with accents of color in your throw pillows, blankets, and other soft furnishings. Another option is to go for solid blue or green bedding to mimic the look of the ocean.

3. Use Your Beach Souvenirs

If you visit the beach often, pick up some souvenirs while you're there. These souvenirs can be seashells, stones, driftwood, or anything that reminds you of the sand and blue waters. Get creative and think about how you can incorporate these souvenirs into your beach theme accessories.

Here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing:

  • Fill a clear vase with sand and layer it with stones and seashells.
  • Cover a simple tray with shells and starfish decoration.
  • Fill a glass jar with shells.
  • Make a cloche centerpiece with a small succulent planted in a large shell, aqua vase, starfish decoration, and cover with the bell-shaped glass. If you can, set it on a piece of wood.
  • Put together a collection of sand-blasted glass pieces or vintage bottles in aqua and greens.

 4. Swap Regular Cabinet Knobs for Beach Themed Cabinet Knobs

When it comes to creating the perfect beach-inspired bedroom, details matter. One detail that you don't want to overlook is the knobs. Swapping regular cabinet knobs for those that feature things like flip flops, mermaids, and surfboards can make a huge difference. You can also update your robe hooks and drawer handles with the beautiful sand dollar pull and starfish towel hook. Shop our beach style collection today.

5. Opt for the Right Wood

Wood with a distressed finish is a must-have for a beach bedroom. This is not the place for shiny or perfect finishes. Make sure that any wood furniture or hardwood you choose gives your room a relaxed, rustic vibe. You can build a headboard or bed platform with reclaimed planks. And when it comes to natural fibers, choose sisal flooring, a feature rug, an accent chair made of woven wicker, and plant baskets made of seagrass or rattan. These will stand out nicely against simple, pebble-grey walls.

Nothing says relaxation like the coast. It's no wonder relaxed coastal bedroom décor is trendy. How better to mimic the carefree and serene vibe of being at the coast than with a beach-themed bedroom? By following these tips, you can wake up and fall asleep at the beach every day, even if you live nowhere near one.

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