Mixing Cup Pulls and Cabinet Knobs

June 11, 2022

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If you have cup pulls in your kitchen and want to use cabinet knobs as well, how do you know what will work? How do you mix and match that? Let’s see if we can find some answers for you.

The first thing to do when you want to mix and match cup pulls with cabinet knobs, is to decide which way you want to do the mix/match idea. You may choose to match the colors of the pulls and knobs. For instance, if you have silver-toned cup pulls, you can choose pewter knobs to go with the pulls. Matching colors will coordinate the look and is probably the easiest way to mix and match.

Lowe's Brainerd  Casual 2-1/2-in or 3-in Center to Center Satin Nickel Dual Mount Arch Cup Drawer Pulls

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs Lobster Claw Knob

You may also choose to match via subject: if you have a scallop-shaped cup pulls, use a scallop knob that will tie in with the subject of your pull. Or, if you have a cup pull with flowers on it, use a flower knob to create a floral theme. Do you have a colorful cup pull in the baby’s room, perhaps with a famous bear on it? You can find knobs that will go with that famous bear, and make it fun. So subject matter is a match that you can use and have a consistent idea throughout your cabinetry.

Etsy Restore Hardware Pull BIN PULL BLACK Cast Iron Drawer Pull Bin Pull Furniture Pull Cabinet Pull

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs Plumeria

You may choose to go with opposites or similarities in other ways. If you have a cup pull that is plain, you may decide to go more ornate on the knob. For example, use a plain cup pull with an ornate cabinet knob in the same finish. This will give your cabinets a little bit of interest, but they won’t be glaringly different. Or, go with a similar look to create a cohesive theme. If you have a masculine cup pull, use a masculine cabinet knob. If you have a little bit of bling for your cup pulls, remember to carry on your bling in your cabinet knobs.

Wayfair Nostalgic Warehouse Clear Fluted 3" Center to Center Cup Pull

Wayfair Nostalgic Warehouse Waldorf 1 3/8" Length Geometric Knob

Going with a theme can be something spectacular! For instance, try an art deco theme with these very deco cup pulls that are perfect for it. Add to the deco cup pulls these art deco cabinet knobs for a stunning option. Love the Bohemian look? Try cup pulls in verdigris and a slew of Bohemian cabinet knobs of different designs. There may not be any two knobs the same, but that’s what the Bohemian look is all about, is it not?

Lowe's Richelieu  Prato 5-1/16-in Center to Center Brushed Nickel Novelty Cup Drawer Pulls

Wayfair.com Wisdom Stone Symone 2 1/8" Length Rectangle Knob

Want a really modern look and feel? Try using stone cup pulls on the bottom cabinets, and stone and hammered copper cabinet knobs on the uppers. Your kitchen or bathroom will be stunning!

Wayfair.com Q!MI 3" Center to Center Cup/Bin Pull

Etsy Design In Focus Marbled Stone & Hammered Copper Drawer Pull | Solid Stone and Rose Gold Cupboard Door Handle, Drawer Pull

When considering cup pulls for your cabinetry, think mix and match because you will probably need to use something else on the higher cabinets. Consider how you’re going to mix or match, choose the color, theme, product (glass, brass, etc.) and the feeling you’re going for. Do you want something fun, kitschy, Bohemian, sleek, nature-inspired, modern? What do you want in your kitchen and what kinds of cabinet jewelry would help you achieve that goal?

Here at Sea Life Cabinet Knobs, we’d love to help you achieve your cabinet jewelry goals. Give us a call today!  

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