Modern Coastal Bedroom Ideas

March 19, 2021

Ewa-lution-bedroom redesign by Archipelago Hawaii

Why not feel as though you're at the beach every day by creating a little seaside sanctuary within the four walls of your bedroom? An area where we spend a lot of our time, your bedroom should be a place for ultimate rest and relaxation. And what better way to do this than to create a tranquil ocean escape no matter where you are in the country? While we have covered coastal bedroom ideas in the past, this time, we want to focus on some modern décor ideas to inspire you to create the beachy bedroom of your dreams.

First things first, take note of what you love about being at the beach. Is it the smell of the ocean? The feeling of serenity? Or maybe the sound of the waves crashing? Try to pinpoint what you love most about the beach and how it makes you feel–and try to recreate that in your bedroom. Now, we don't mean filling your floors with sand or having whale sounds on repeat. We just want you to identify that feeling and use it as a starting point when creating your new, beautiful bedroom. 

Luckily, creating a beachy bedroom is relatively easy to do and can be done regardless of your décor budget's size. If you have neutral colors and simple touches of the sea, that's all you need to breathe new, beachy life into your bedroom. Let's dive in (excuse the pun!) and have a look at some of the simplest modern beach décor ideas for your new bedroom.

Photography & Paintings

A simple way to inject a modern seaside touch into your bedroom is by adding ocean-themed wall art to your space. You can download a selection of beautiful and affordable prints from platforms such as ETSY. Here, you can opt for classic black and white photographs or brighter full-color pictures of the beach, ocean, boats, surfers, and palm trees. To make them look even more beachy, you can frame your prints in distressed wooden frames.

Bedroom with palm frond picture

Detailed Wallpaper 

Gone are the days when wall-to-wall floral wallpaper was something you saw at your great granny's home. Nowadays, wallpaper can add a beautiful, sleek aesthetic to your home's interior design. You can choose to go big and bold with a distinct seaside theme, or you could go for something more subtle with soft wavy textures or shell-like shapes. If you opt for the bold route, perhaps choose to cover just one feature or accent wall (the wall behind the bed is always a good choice), as covering each wall with bold wallpaper might be a little too much.

Seaside Scents

An intricate part of creating a sensory seaside escape is the scent, and this is often overlooked when putting together a new room. What's the best part about going to the beach? Smelling that fresh sea air, right? You can recreate this by filling your room with scented candles or room diffusers that remind you of being near the ocean. Don't go overboard but be sure to get one or two seaside scents from your favorite homeware brands. Ralph Lauren, Yankee Candles, and LAFCO have created some delicious summer-style scents.

Coastal scented candles


Window Shutters

Adding shutters to your bedroom's windows is another great way to add an instant chic seaside feel to your bedroom. It might be a good idea to keep these shutters white or perhaps paint them a cool grey or light blue. However, these will have to match with all your home's outside shutters, so this may be quite an expensive option instead of a quick and affordable fix.

Soft & Natural Linens

Try to fill your bedroom space with soft, natural fabrics like linens, hemp fabrics, and cotton. Having soft flowing hemp curtains, for example, will create a laidback and breezy beach feels throughout your bedroom. Also, opt for soft neutral fabrics in the form of bed linen, tasseled throws, and scatter cushions. If you're not a fan of 'neutral everything,' you can use dark nautical blues, soft turquoise tones, and icy greys to create an ocean color palette.

Soft bed linens or window shutters bedroom

Chandeliers & Light Fixtures

Another easy way to add a touch of modern coastal style to your bedroom room is by adding an oversized woven, beaded, or shell chandelier. A statement chandelier or lighting fixture will immediately draw the eye up and top off your coastal bedroom look and feel. You can also add two simple bedside lamps with rattan or woven lampshades on either side of your bed.

woven beaded chandelier

Square and Round Baskets 

Rattan or straw baskets in and around your room not only offer handy storage places but will bring a coastal vibe to a light and fresh coastal bedroom. Mixing up your textures with a few round, rectangle, or square baskets will also help to add depth and dimension to your bedroom's overall look and feel.

Knobs & Handles

Adding a few seaside accents such as shells, driftwood, and seaside-themed knobs will add finer beach details to your bedroom. Handmade and expertly crafted, Sea Life Cabinet Knobs provides the broadest range of ocean-themed cabinet knobs, and pulls are the perfect way to add a beautiful and subtle seaside touch to your bedroom cupboards and drawers.


5 shell drawer pull


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Since 2000, we've offered the finest and largest collection of coastal hardware in the county, and each product is hand finished and inspected to ensure it is made to perfection. To see more beautifully handcrafted designs by talented marine artist Peter Costello, click here.

The interior bedroom photos were provided courtesy of luxury home interior designers Archipelago Hawaii. To view more of their work visit their website at

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