Sand Dollar Cabinet Knobs and Pulls for Beach Bathroom Decor

August 22, 2020

Sand Dollar Seashell knobs and pulls

What’s a more beautiful reminder of the beach than a Sand Dollar? Depending on their species, they can be blue, purple, green, brown, or black in color. They use their miniature spines to move across the ocean floor. Believe it or not, sand dollars can survive 6 to 10 years on their own in the wild.

Sand Dollars are universally recognized and loved seashells, and Peter Costello’s Sand Dollar Cabinet Knob Collection beautifully reflects ocean beauty and charm. All of Peter’s Sand Dollar Knobs are made of solid pewter, which you will immediately appreciate as you feel the weight and see the caliber of the satin polished finish.

In addition, they feature solid brass threaded ferrules for lifetime durability.  His large collection of Sand dollar sea shells is sure to please your taste and tropical style.  If you’d like to take your tropical decor up a few notches, you can’t go wrong with Peter’s Sand Dollar knobs.

Creation Sizes to Fit Any Area or Door Size

Peter’s Sand Dollar knobs are available in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate different areas and door sizes. He also offers double post drawer pulls like Sand dollar drawer handle. Unsure of which size you need? Contact Peter and he’ll be happy to make a recommendation.


fine detailed sand dollar shell cabinet knob

medium sand dollar drawer knob

2 1/2" large sand dollar shell drawer knob

3 Shell Sand Dollar Drawer Pull

Collection Diversity for All Types of Coastal Home Decor

Peter has designed his Sand Dollar in multiple configurations: a bolder design brings a stylized look to your nautical theme décor; the other style with a softer, more realistic look. He offers a single shell Sand dollar design as well as a Sand dollar within a textured bezel for a unique artistic look.  Additionally, Peter designed Sand Dollar drawer pull clusters in horizontal or vertical configuration to accommodate a double post handle.

Bold detail sand dollar knob

Bezeled sand dollar knob

5 Shell Sand Dollar Drawer pull

5 Shell Sand Dollar Cabinet Pull


Multiple Finishes to Match Any Ocean Decor

Since Peter offers 4 finishes, you should have no problem adding the perfect touch to your ocean decorating style.You can choose from a brushed nickel, a soft and neutral finish, high polished chrome-contemporary and bright, dark bronze, and white, applied with durable powder coat technology.

Multiple Appliances

Especially useful for incorporating Sand Dollar designs into your beach bathroom décor is the Sand Dollar Towel Hook for hanging a large bath towel, beach towel, or robe.  To accommodate multiple towels Peter offers Sand Dollar Towel Bars in custom widths from 10” to 30”. And for a truly unique beach appliance, Peter has designed a Sand Dollar toilet paper hanger with his largest Sand Dollar fitted onto a solid 3/8” brushed aluminum bar.

 Sand Dollar Towel hook

2 Shell Sand Dollar Towel Bar

Sand Dollar Shell Toilet Paper Hanger

Customers constantly tell us how much they appreciate the variety of our Sea Shell cabinet knob designs, sizes, and finishes. Peter’s designs are made of top quality materials for durability and will enhance your coastal décor for years to come. The Sand Dollar designs are so versatile that they make a perfect gift for a friend with beach home décor.  


For more ideas on enhancing your beach bathroom decor visit Sea Life Cabinet Knobs

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