Seahorses: Nautical Dream Creatures

October 14, 2022

Photo by J Surianto:

How many of us, upon first hearing about seahorses, imagined it with a saddle on its back and a bridle on its head? Seahorses can’t be ridden, of course, but they are very interesting creatures. There are “forty-seven different species, fourteen of which were discovered in the last eight years”, and they come in sizes ranging from half an inch to a foot long! They are monogamous and some mate for life. Each morning, the pair do a dance together, sometimes changing color as they dance, and then go about their daily routines. For seahorse babies to be born, the daddy seahorse carries the babies for about two weeks in a pouch on his belly (kind of like kangaroos have pouches) and when the babies are born, they leave immediately to start their own lives. Seahorses are found in both warm and cold waters and can make a noise similar to smacking your lips. They have prehensile tails, with which they hold onto seagrasses and corals and use their tails to grab onto floating seaweed, or stuff floating in the ocean and they “hitch a ride”, letting go when they get where they want to be.

Now that you know a little more about seahorses, don’t you agree that they’d make a wonderful addition to your coastal themed home? You can use sleek seahorse cabinet knobs, or a more traditional seahorse look, but either way, your seahorses will add whimsy and delight to your coastal décor.

Costello Coastal Knobs Seahorse Cabinet Knob, 182L, Medium Size

Costello Coastal Knobs Seahorse Cabinet Right Facing Small

There are many options out there because people love to decorate with an ocean theme, bringing creation into their homes. Want a round knob for your cabinets? Try this one with what looks like a seahorse frozen in both time and water. Or if you want something to add the colors of the ocean and a beach? Try this blue and tan porcelain seahorse and beach knob. Add a metal laser cut seahorse on your wall and it will be stunning and a beachy seahorse pair on the countertop would be perfect! On the kitchen table, use these seahorse resin and wood coasters to protect your table.

If you’re into the coastal décor, but you want to put more of a steampunk look into it, try these black and off-white knobs that include a seahorse, but also offers ships, compasses and other sea creatures. Those would fit in well with a steampunk seahorse, don’t you think?

You can choose a pull, instead of a seahorse knob. This pewter seahorse pull is beautiful and well-made and will be great on your bathroom cabinets. Add a color changing seahorse night light in your child’s bathroom, use a seahorse towel and a seahorse soap dish and you’ll be a big hit.

Costello Coastal Knobs Seahorse Pull, Right Facing, Large

You can welcome people into your home at night with a laser cut seahorse wooden table lamp. Then beside that table, put these pretty seahorse statues to complete the look.

Considering all these seahorses, it will come as no surprise to your guests when you greet them wearing (bonus!) seahorse sandals! See how long it takes them to notice.

Here at Costello Coastal Knobs, we’re here to help you with your seahorse – or any other coastal themed – dreams. Contact us today to get those dreams started.

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