Switching From Pulls to Knobs Without Leaving Holes

September 16, 2022

Image by L. S. M.

You have loved your kitchen pulls for years but now it’s time to make a change and you don’t want to just go to other pulls. You’d love to do knobs, but there’s that little problem of the extra hole. What do you do? Read on.

If you want to change from pulls to knobs, there is a great solution: double up. Use two knobs where the pulls were. Not sure what you’re thinking will look right? How about some solutions?

First, however, there are things to be aware of. For instance, you must watch for the width/height thing. If your pulls were installed horizontally, you’ll be putting the pulls side-by-side, but if the knobs are too wide, they could touch and that’s not what you want. You can use almost whatever height knobs you want, but that’s only if your pulls were horizontal. If your pulls were vertical, you can’t use whatever height you want, but you can use almost any width knob, but you can’t go too tall because the bottom one will hit the upper knob.

Try a theme: ocean creatures are an easy choice. Use a right and left facing angel fish, for instance. Or maybe a right and left leaning palm tree. Or maybe you want to do something garden-like: flowers, for instance, in porcelain or in pewter. Or maybe you prefer mushrooms? That would be an edible representation in a cabinet knob.



Costello Coastal Knobs SMALL PALM TREE KNOB


You can do a very formal look when switching from pulls to knobs. Try a simple, elegant knob, that has a classic feel and your high-end kitchen will look even more formal. One may even say the look is almost tuxedo-like. Or maybe you prefer something with some bling? You can give your cabinets earrings, almost like diamond studs. Or maybe you would prefer cuff links? It’s up to you, but if you have a more formal look in your kitchen, these are sweet options.

Wayfair.com: Stone Mill Hardware: Amerock  Mulholland 1-1/2-in Champagne Bronze Rectangular Traditional Cabinet KnobWayfair.com: GlideRite Hardware: 1.25" Diameter Round Knob (Set of 10)

You can do simple designs, or complex designs, or maybe you want to do something to represent your favorite or birth state. Texas, for example, is known as the “Lone Star State” and for that, you could use knobs with a single star in the center. Delaware’s motto is “Liberty and Independence” for which it would be very appropriate to use Statue of Liberty knobs. If not a state, how about a month’s special things: May’s gemstone, emeralds, or July’s pearls.

Lowe's.com: Richelieu Verona 1-3/16-in Brushed Nickel Square Transitional Cabinet KnobLowe's.com: Stone Mill Hardware  Cornwall Oil-Rubbed Bronze Globe Transitional Cabinet Knob

  Lowe's.com: https://www.lowes.com/pd/allen-roth-1-48-in-Pewter-Round-Traditional-Cabinet-Knob/1002650440House of Antique Hardware.com: White Porcelain Statue of Liberty Souvenir Cabinet Knob with Brass Base

Maybe you have a favorite animal or insect. How about a few bees around the kitchen? Or maybe you like cicadas, you can use those in the kitchen (maybe check with the family first to see if it would freak them out). Or perhaps you like koala bears and you would love to have those all over your kitchen?

Etsy.com: TwistedRDesign: Set of 6 Koala Bear Wood Cabinet Knobs  Etsy.com: uniquehardwaresupply: Brass bee Knobs , bumble bee drawer pulls, wardrobe Knob Cabinet Knobs Modern Drawer Knob,Silver bumble bee pull

Last, but definitely not least, how about a patriotic theme? You could use American flag knobs, or America’s national symbol, the Bald Eagle, or just patriotic knobs. Or, you can mix and match a little and do an eagle facing the flag since both are round knobs. If you love America, why not show it?

Amazon.com: EVANLinism: 4 Pcs 35mm Retro Patriotic American Flag Cabinet Knobs Round Glass Drawer Handles Pull with Screws for Home, Office, Kitchen, Bathroom Cabinet, Dresser and Cupboard (1-3/8 Inches)Amazon.com: Aninily: ANINILY Hand Draw Bald Eagle Drawer Knob Pull Cupboard Knobs Furniture Knobs with Screws for Home Office Kitchen Dresser Wardrobe Decorate, 4pcs

Whichever your choice, switching from pulls with two screws to knobs with just one need not be intimidating. Just take the orientation into account and be creative.

Here are Costello Coastal Knobs we would like to help ease the way for your switch from knobs to pulls. Contact us today.

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