The Romance of Coastal Décor

February 10, 2022

Photo by Charlotte May from Pexels

In coastal décor, there is a lot of comfort: cushy couches, candles to light the corners, and soft, billowy fabrics on windows, beds and cushions. That’s part of the charm of coastal décor: it can ignite the flame without needing a vacation to do so! How to make that happen? No guarantees, but these tips may help.

Start with the windows and that billowy fabric. Use a sheer curtain on your windows, patio door and order an extra set for use on the throw pillows you will add an extra cover to with those extra curtains. Follow the instructions here to create the covers and create romantic pillows you’re your living room, or any other room in your home. Adding a pillow charm to the knot will add a touch of coastal to the pillow, too.

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Image Source: Etsy's CraftyCheryl9

Change the knobs on your television stand, end tables, coffee table, etc., to sand dollars cabinet knobs and use sand dollars candles to bring the beach into your room. A soft, cushy linen couch will give you a place to put the throw pillows you covered earlier and remember to put a romantic, white on white sea shell throw on the couch, to make cuddling a little warmer. Put a mother of pearl mirror above the fireplace, near the front door, or anywhere you want to reflect the light or see yourself. Add a set of shell boxes to a nearby tabletop and put your keys in a safe place every day, or to store little gifts to each other.

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs Sand Dollar Cabinet Pull

Wayfair Custom Upholstery White Linen Couch

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Arm chairs for extra seating in blue fabric, an oak coffee table and a beautiful chandelier add to the romantic coastal feel. Remember to add end table lamps, like these coral and sea shell lamps to lower the light, but still be able to see each other. Place a pair of seating puffs by the fireplace for extra seats, or to use as you roast marshmallows or do popcorn in the fireplace. A soft wool handmade area rug for those cooler nights when bare wood floors are too chilly will make the space cozy and a white distressed wine cabinet (remember to replace the drawer pulls!) provides a place to store the wine before use. 

Luxury Living Furniture Loft Small Wine Rack Cabinet by Luxury Living at

You can play classical music, a CD with ocean sounds, or whatever tickles your fancy on a white CD player. “Music has charms to sooth a savage breast” said William Congreve in 1697, and it still works today.

Decorators enjoy the coastal living room look, too, and if you look at decorators’ websites you can get a lot of ideas for the coastal décor look.

Remember, “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean” said Ryunosuke Satoro and with the romantic feel of coastal décor, the two of you can be an ocean.

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs will help you set the romantic coastal mood with cabinet pulls and knobs that will add to the ambience you wish to create.

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