Tips for Creating the Coastal Home of Your Dreams

March 31, 2020

Tips for Creating the Coastal Home of Your Dreams | Sea Life Cabinet Knobs

Are you looking for a way to bring the breeziness of the beach to your home? If so, consider turning your home into a beautiful coastal space. So, what exactly is a coastal space? Good question! Essentially, it uses soft tones, a clean aesthetic, coastal living décor, and plenty of natural light to bring summer to your home year-round.

The best way to achieve your dream coastal home is planning. Create a mood board from all your inspiration and start planning the colors and new furniture pieces you want to add to your home. It's also imperative to know your budget and plan accordingly. Create a list of must-haves and a list of lust-haves that you can always work towards over time.

We're here to help you with some great ideas. If you're intrigued and wondering how you can create your own coastal oasis, keep reading.

 1. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bright

If you're hoping to create a coastal-style home, pops of bright, vibrant seaside colors are your best friend. Consider painting your front door a sandy orange, your ceiling an ocean blue, or an accent wall in your living room turquoise. If you're a bit color shy, start with a few colorful coastal décor accessories like throw pillows or table runners. What's nice with the coastal décor theme is that your base is white, light, and natural, which allows for a mood of relaxation and peace. And you can add as much or as little bright color as you want.

Coastal living room with bright interior

 2. Add Greenery

To bring the outdoors in and create a relaxing atmosphere you're proud to call your own; greenery is a must. Try banana leaves or palm fronds, two plants that will make you feel like you're living life on an exotic island. Greenery can be added in just about any room in your home, including the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and dining room. Place your favorite plants in rustic seagrass or jute baskets to bring the texture of island life indoors.

Living room with tropical plants

 3. Choose the Right Curtains

Sheer curtains are one of the essential pieces of coastal décor for your bedroom and living room. They'll allow the natural light to flow in your home and give it that dreamy, airy feel that everyone admires about a coastal space. Save your dark, thick curtains for a log cabin. However, if you do need to block out the light or a nosey neighbor, consider adding a roller blind behind the curtains for privacy.

Light curtains for allowing sunlight through

 4. Change the Knobs

Little details like cabinet knobs can make a big statement in your coastal style home. Swap any existing knobs you have with those that feature dolphins, sea turtles, shells, and anything else that reminds you of the ocean and sand. Shop our collection of quality coastal hardware today.

Dolphin cabinet knob by Peter Costello

Turtle cabinet knobs

Scallop shell cabinet knob by Peter Costello

 5. Accessorize in Moderation

Make sure you don't over clutter your home with seaside trinkets! If you have too many coastal living décor items in your home, it may begin to feel like a coastal souvenir shop. That's why it's a good idea to focus on small touches like hardware that can add a pop of beachy style without being overwhelming. Or instead, use the natural textures of rattan, jute, and cool aqua colors to bring about the feel of seaside living rather than just adding décor items. If you want to add some accessories, create a beautiful centerpiece that includes ocean pieces like a seaside-themed cloche or driftwood and shell wreath. Or use frosted aqua-colored vintage bottles as vases or lined up on a shelf in the living room to provide a classic and elegant touch.

Tropical themed bathroom with orchid decoration

 6. Remember the Outdoor Spaces

A coastal home is not complete unless its outdoor spaces make you feel like you're at the beach. Pay attention to your deck, porch, or patio. Think ceiling fans, natural fiber rugs, wicker chairs, and hanging reclaimed wood hand-cut signs. Keep things natural, white, and distressed, and use your coastal color wheel for towels and soft furnishings.

Patio with open view to outdoors

While a coastal-style home isn't for everyone, it is a good design option if you love the beach and are searching for a way to transform your home into a relaxing piece of paradise. It's a design style that incorporates lots of texture, light, and simplicity. It's a beautiful and relaxed way to go if you have the chance to redecorate.

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