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April 29, 2022

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs Flip Flop

Knobs and pulls are a great way to include almost anything you can imagine into your décor. They come in so many designs that it’s almost an “embarrassment of riches”. The forest wants to be in your décor, as do animals of all kinds: from cats, dogs and squirrels to ocean life and dinosaurs. There are gemstones, flowers and fungi shapes in unique knobs and pulls.

Let’s go to the forest with these squirrel knobs that come in six different finishes, for use on the upper cabinets (because squirrels like being in the trees) and put these moose knobs on the lower cabinets. A few mushrooms grow in the forest, so add some of those to your kitchen. They have some of the same finishes available and using the same finishes will tie them together. You have the trees, so now you need the pinecones that fall from pine trees, so add these pinecone knobs to the “outliers”: inside the pantry, in the powder room next to the kitchen, or on a sideboard.

Kitchen Source: Notting Hill Woodland Collection Squirrel

Kitchen Source Buck Snort Wildlife Moose

Like the ocean? Nautical themed knobs and pulls like this beautiful compass knob from MyKnobs.com are a great start. Use the compass on the island, and on the lower cabinets elsewhere in the kitchen use these stunning nautilus knobs. Then just ride the wave on a knob with these eye-fooling porthole knobs for the upper cabinets. Elsewhere, add a museum-quality lobster knob, or a few sea urchin knobs for the nearby dining room hutch or wine cabinet. For your bathroom, use these cute flip-flop knobs, or some beautifully done lighthouse pulls. Your kitchen will be able to find its way out and back again with these ocean themed cabinet knobs! Remember, it’s okay to mix and match metals and looks nowadays.

Etsy Designer Drains Nautilus Cabinet Knob

Sea Life Cabinet Knobs Lighthouse Pull Chromed

To visit a zoo within your home, start with the king of the jungle with this majestic lion knob, add an elephant, a giraffe or two, some monkeys, a peacock, a rhinoceros and a zebra is a must for any zoo. There are many more zoo animals available, this just scratches the surface! Don’t forget the other things that make a zoo: the learning and the fun!


Amazon.com Farm Fresh Knobs Rhino from Wild Africa Series

Other unique knobs and pulls include those with an art nouveau flair, a fun sense of humor, a fifties spin, an origami look, a t-shirt knob and boxer knob (really!) perfect for a bathroom’s hidden hamper.

There are knobs and pulls for every room and decorating theme. Like gemstones? There are gemstone cabinet knobs available. Want cabinet knobs that match your countertop? There are options for that, too.

Cabinet knobs are the finishing touch, the jewelry to the doors and drawers, and whatever your choice, you should always consider two things: 1) What kind of functional jewelry will fit best with the outfit that is the cabinets, furniture piece and the room? And, 2) Can you live with it for a long period of time? If you can’t live with it for a long time, you’ll be replacing it quickly enough, and that costs you extra money and effort. Choose wisely and carefully, and your cabinet knobs can set a mood, accentuate a theme, be a part of your family’s life for years to come.

At Sea Life Cabinet Knobs we can help create that unique look in your home that expresses the real you!

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