Using Sea Shells in Your Coastal Kitchen

February 02, 2022

Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

Your coastal home is warm, welcoming and special, except for the kitchen, where it’s a little less than coastal. Let’s see if we can help with that situation with a few “shell-abrational” ways to use sea shells in the kitchen.

Let’s start simply and build to more complicated options. Start with going to a shell shop (or you can find them online) and finding a beautiful Queen Conch shell to use at the sink as a sponge holder. It’s unique and will be a great conversation starter. Go from there to the cabinet knobs, and use shell door pulls, adding another glimpse of the ocean in your kitchen. Try a sea urchin night light for the comfort of the children and guests to get a night time glass of water. A sea shell art piece will be a good addition to one wall, and sea shell dish towels and pot holders are going to be useful and decorative.

Shell Cabinet Pull


Sea Urchin Night Light

If you need some privacy in your kitchen, but want to allow the light to come in but not the neighbors’ eyes being able to follow, try a simple window static cling privacy film with a sea shell on it and that late night snack will be just between you and the cheesecake.

If you have white cabinets and don’t want an all-white kitchen, go with a natural-colored shell hexagonal tile backsplash that has touches of brown and cream. It will set the white cabinets off just enough to accent them, but not become sterile. If you have brown, aqua, or another color on your cabinets, you can bring the white on with the herringbone mother of pearl backsplash tiles that will reflect light. Or, if you want to bring in some aquas, try this tile with actual sea shells in it! Designers have discovered these natural tiles and recommend them in coastal styles.

Shell Tile Backsplash

Aqua and Clear Tiles with Real Sea Shells in Them

Kitchen windows need some form of framing, and this coastal valance is going to add an ocean touch to your décor. A few canisters with shells on them, in coastal colors, will be a hit and immediately add coastal charm to your kitchen. Try a Capiz shell light fixture as the main light (always add pot lights, if you can for additional lighting) and even though it is a coastal kitchen, you don’t have to have absolutely everything with shells on it. Take the opportunity to choose dishes that are coastal but without shells so they can be used year-round.

Sea Shell Valance


Capiz Shell Chandelier


Flooring can be a sun-bleached wood look, or a sandy mosaic tile, you can include the floor in the kitchen décor’s coastal theme. Speaking of the floor, don’t forget to get some coastal themed kitchen mats so that you can wash dishes, cook, or prep in comfort.

Sun Bleached Wood Look Flooring

Sand-Colored Floor Mosaic Tile

Sea shells can be used as subtle accents, or as an in-your-face theme. Whichever you choose for your coastal kitchen sea shells can add just the right touch to your kitchen décor. The best part is that you get to choose which it’s going to be.

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