“Welcome!” Says the Pineapple

October 30, 2022

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The origins of pineapples – their naming, discovery and road to popularity – is part of history: a disputed part. It’s generally accepted that pineapples were first tried by Europeans after Christopher Columbus and his crew “discovered” them in 1493 on their second voyage to the Americas. Pineapples don’t last very long after ripening, so can you imagine them after Columbus’s return from his second voyage to the area took over ninety days? Considering that pineapples can be grown from “cuttings” or seeds, one must wonder if this is how Columbus actually took the pineapple to Europe because a ripened pineapple would be inedible by the end of a ninety day return voyage. The problem with that is that pineapples couldn’t grow in Europe’s climate, not even in their greenhouses of the day. According to some, it took over two hundred years to be able to grow pineapples in Europe, so how does that work?

However the European “discovery” of pineapples happened, the fact is that the very wealthy of Europe developed a liking for them and that they were used as a symbol of wealth. They were then transformed into a symbol of welcome because of their rarity and cost. North Americans found out about the pineapple and loved the flavor, but pineapples being so expensive, few could afford to buy them. Retailers set up a “Rent-A-Pineapple” scheme and people expecting guests would rent a pineapple to set on the table while the guest was there and return the pineapple after the guest left. That’s how eager people were to show that their guest was welcome: they rented something to show their guest that they were important enough to go to the extra expense. Now, pineapples are carved into furniture, used as the base of tables, or used decoratively.

If you want to use the pineapple as a decorative welcome symbol in your house, it’s as easy as buying carved pieces to add to furniture, your fireplace, or cabinets. Remember to use these pineapple cabinet knobs, or a pineapple hook for your guests’ coats, hats, or purses, as part of your décor. Every time someone opens a cabinet or hangs up their coat, they’ll feel welcomed. 

Costello Coastal Knobs Pineapple Coat Hook

Costello Coastal Knobs Pineapple Small Cabinet Knob








You can welcome your guests with a pineapple doormat and by serving them their morning coffee from a pineapple coffee and pitcher set with matching creamer and sugar. Add a pineapple wall hanging in the bathroom or entry and you’ll make your guests feel at home. A pineapple sculpture will fit into any room, as will a pineapple piece of wall art.

Outside, if you have a pool, why not use a very unique pineapple pool float for your guests? Give them a non-alcohol pineapple juice drink and let them enjoy what time they can in the pool. You can give your mailbox a welcoming touch with these pineapple mailbox covers that will bring a smile to your mail carrier as well.

When the sad day comes when your guest must leave, as a farewell gift give your departing guest a pineapple writing pen and notecards so they can stay in touch and will know that they’ll always be welcomed back.

One note of caution with pineapples: Do not use them to decorate your cabin door or wear them on a cruise. They have a whole different connotation there!

If you wish to welcome your guests, we have the perfect pineapple knobs to help you do so. Contact Costello Coastal Knobs today!

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