Butterfly Fish Cabinet knob, 108R, Small size, right facing

Butterfly Fish Cabinet Knob, 108R, Small size, Right Facing.

Butterfly Fish are boxy shaped reef fish with a protractile pointed mouth. They are nimble feeders,able to swim upside to reach food. Brightly colored yellow across back and dorsal fin, butterfly fish have two vertical black bars that run down through eyes as well as just in front of tail. The very end of the dorsal fin is decorated with a black spot.  Peter Costello’s butterfly fish cabinet knobs will bring the beauty and playful spirits of ocean reef fish into your coastal kitchen or bathroom.

2.0" wide x 1.3" tall. Solid pewter. Mounts on single brass reinforced post. Hardware included. Copyrighted artwork by Peter Costello. Priced individually. Most orders ship within 24 hours. Free shipping to USA addresses. One 1” mounting screw included..

A left facing model #108L is also available.