6 Beautiful Types of Kitchen Design Styles

May 14, 2021

Mediteranean Style Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. For families, it’s a place to cook, eat, laugh, and enjoy some much needed quality time. No matter how big or small your family is, the kitchen is where everyone (including our pets!) seem to gather. With this in mind, maybe your kitchen needs a bit of a revamp? Or perhaps you are looking for a complete change?

If you are looking for something new and fresh for your kitchen, there are several popular design styles that you can choose from. In this post, we take a look at some of our favorite types of kitchens and what makes each of them unique.


Types of Kitchen Styles


Country Farmhouse

 Country Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Haven't we all day dreamed of living on a farm? Now you can create an inviting farmhouse style kitchen right in the center of your home. Mix rather than match, country kitchens are charming and rustic in all the right ways. Throw in a few retro touches or appliances, some hanging pots, a wire basket full of eggs and you can enjoy all the joys of country living. Color palettes vary when it comes to chic country farmhouse kitchens but think white, antique creams, with hints of soft yellows and blues.



Coastal Style Kitchen

Our favorite of course, coastal kitchens are classic and trendy all rolled into one. To create a seaside-like kitchen you can choose soft grey and blue colors and incorporate distressed wood and hanging rattan light fixtures. Don’t forget to add the ultimate beach decor accent with our wide range of sea-themed kitchen knobs, pulls and handles for your kitchen cabinets. From starfish to sea turtles, Sea Life Cabinet Knobs has every sea creature, shell, and fish to choose from.



Modern Style Kitchen

Another firm favorite for good reason, a modern kitchen offers a sleek and sophisticated look and feel. When designing a modern kitchen, opt for loads of cabinet and storage space so you can focus on clutter-free surfaces and clean lines. Uber modern and high tech appliances are a must, along with bold statement finishes like dark polished woods, granite countertops, metal light fixtures, and perspex bar stools.



Rustic Style Kitchen

A rustic kitchen is a warm and welcoming one. A place where a glass of spilt milk is no big deal, right? A style that’s recently enjoyed a bit of a revival, in order to create a rustic kitchen complete with all of its charm you need to think along the lines of exposed timber and brick with vintage appliances and retro decor touches. The ultimate rustic touch? An actual working fireplace to make casseroles and other hearty, wholesome dishes.



Traditional Style Kitchen

With old world charm, traditional kitchens are another popular choice when it comes to kitchen design. These types of kitchens exude an elegant and timeless aesthetic with details taking center stage. Features might include decorative moldings, a chandelier, white tiles, classic glass-front cabinets, and antique finishes. A beautiful, big backsplash can often be found in traditional kitchens as well as polished hardwood floors, modern appliances, and the oh-so-classic marble countertops.



Mediteranean Style Kitchen

Think of a Italian mama making a big pot of pasta in her beautiful Mediteranean kitchen. Or maybe a boutique hotel’s kitchen somewhere magical in Tuscany? The ambience is warm and inviting, and there are elements of rustic charm that’ll lure guests to pull up a seat and pour themselves a glass of red wine. To create a Mediterranean kitchen think about cozy corners and sun dappled spots to enjoy breakfast or your morning caffè. Incorporate rich tones, worn woods, handmade ceramics, and copper pots to create a unique homely Mediteranean kitchen.


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