Beat the Heat, or Go With It?

August 23, 2023

Photo by Max Rahubovskiy:

It’s summertime! Oh. You’ve noticed? Yeah. The heat index this year is ridiculous across most of the country. There are some who hate the heat, and some who love the heat – wet or dry. Your reaction to or feeling of the heat can be amplified, or diminished with the way you decorate.

If you love the heat and want to feel it inside without turning off the air conditioning, you can use colors, fabrics and cabinet knobs to help you “feel” the heat inside. For instance, a vibrant yellow (Top Banana?) will help bring the sunshine into the room, and some plantation shutters will remind you that it’s hot outside. Add some summer flower art and a nice summertime area rug, a yellow storage cabinet and a really unique summery chandelier. If you’re in a living room, big kitchen, family room, game space, use a cute table and chairs for games, snacks, homework, sewing, whatever. Remember to do the finishing touches by adding cute cabinet knobs like a sun cabinet knob, or something that just reminds you of sunshine, heat and warmth: some palm tree cabinet knobs.

Costello Coastal Knobs Palm Tree Left Leaning

Costello Coastal Knobs Palm Tree Right Leaning

If you like the heat, but don’t want to feel it all the time, even inside in the air conditioning, you may prefer to use a cooler palette. Try a cool blue paint on the walls, and an accent wall of a light brown to mimic sand, then add some fun curtains with a cute shear between the panels. Go for an accent wall or backsplash of pale blue glass mosaic tiles, and a piece of art that will go with the curtains and shears! If you do that accent wall, go with a fun runner, but if you don’t do the accent wall try this modern area rug. Use a sophisticated, minimalist storage cabinet with parrot head cabinet knobs for games, books, DVDs, or whatever. For lighting, consider a blue chandelier that’s just gorgeous, or something a little more traditional but not quite totally traditional.

Costello Coastal Knobs Parrot Head Knob Left Looking

Costello Coastal Knobs Parrot Head Knob Right Looking

There are many ways to try to beat the heat inside: air conditioning being only the most popular. Remember ceiling fans are also a choice and can usually be installed into most homes and some apartments (or even garages). Ceiling fans offer a lot of options for style, color, functionality and features. For instance, to go with the heat, try this yellow themed ceiling fan with LED lights, or this option with transparent, retractable blades. To cool you down color-wise, try a very modern-shaped ceiling fan with an organic shape, or a ceiling fan with fabric “sail” blades! Remember, that many ceiling fans have a reverse function to draw heat up in the winter time so they come in handy when it’s cold outside, too.

Whether you’re excited about the heat, or hate the heat, you can decorate your home to help you celebrate either preference. Whichever you choose, here at Costello Cabinet Knobs, we’re here to help you achieve the hot or cool room of your dreams. Contact us today.

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