BlogBits™: Which is Which?

July 02, 2023

Photo by LSM

There is a Costello Coastal Knobs cabinet knob in this picture and it’s up to you to decide which is the Costello Coastal Knob. Is it the scallop shell? Or is it the starfish? Or is it the conch? You tell us. Those who get it correct don’t get anything except for the satisfaction of knowing you got it correct. Isn’t that enough?

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Cleaning Costello Coastal Knobs

February 26, 2024

Since pewter doesn’t rust, but can become dull over time (especially near saltwater environments), Costello Coastal Knobs recommends an annual cleaning:

“The best way to clean them is with warm water and a mild detergent, such as Dawn dish soap, then dry with a soft cloth.

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BlogBits™: Happy Valentine's Day!
BlogBits™: Happy Valentine's Day!

February 13, 2024

Whether you love sea turtles, sand dollars, the sand between your toes, or the sound of the ocean as you sit beneath a palm tree, Costello Coastal Knobs wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day and hopes you feel very loved!

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Love Your Cabinet Décor

January 30, 2024

Valentine’s Day approaches: do you have love on your mind? How do you want to express it this year? Another bouquet of roses is good, as are a box of delicious chocolates, but do you want to do that again? How about something different, more permanent, or more surprising?

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