Coastal Decorating with Pineapple Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

May 08, 2020 1 Comment

Coastal Decorating with Pineapple Cabinet Knobs and Pulls | Sea Life Cabinet Knobs

What is significant about the Pineapple? How did it become the symbol of hospitality? Why do we decorate our homes with Pineapples? These are all commonly asked questions so we’re here to answer them.

The Pineapple originated in South America where it became a valuable object of trade and commerce because of its intense sweetness.  It was called “anana” or “excellent fruit” and was originally transported by dugout canoe navigators to the Caribbean Islands, then later by sailing ships to Europe.  Pineapples eventually became a prized culinary favorite on every continent.

The Pineapple Symbolizes Hospitality and Good Times

In the American colonies, the pineapple took on special symbolic meaning. The small homes in the primitive towns and settlements were the primary means of entertainment, cultural intercourse, and news broadcasting.  So hospitality was a major element of the society’s daily life.  A hostess’s ability to serve luscious pineapple for a social event was a reflection of her resourcefulness and the extent of her generous hospitality.

Pineapple symbols began to be hammered into copper and bronze weather vanes atop important public buildings. Over time, pineapples were sculpted onto door lintels, stenciled onto walls and canvas mats, and woven into fabric tablecloths, napkins, draperies, and rugs. 

Whole pineapples were carved of wood while delicate pineapples were painted and fired on the finest china.  Thus, the enduring icon of the pineapple became the symbol of our founding society’s commitment to hospitality as well as its fondest memories of families, friends, and good times around the dining room table.

Take Your Coastal Home Decor to New Heights with Pineapple Cabinet Knobs, Pulls, and Hardware

In the spirit of the artisans of the past, Peter Costello has sculpted the pineapple symbol in a wide assortment of Pineapple cabinet knobs, pulls, and hardware. His pineapple designs are sure to enhance your coastal decor and give your space a warm, inviting symbol of hospitality. Here’s what you can expect from his lineup of Pineapple products.

Pineapple Cabinet Knobs

Our Pineapple cabinet knobs are available in small and medium size with a single post design. You’ll fall in love with these coastal home accessories because of their incredible detail and vintage look.

Pineapple Cabinet Door Pull

Our large Pineapple handles were created in a vertical design with double posts. These coastal door pulls can give you the chance to give your space a coastal vibe without investing in big items like furniture or paintings.

All 3 sizes of pineapple cabinet knobs and pull.

Pineapple Towel Hooks and Pineapple Towel Bar

Our Pineapple towel hooks are a must-have if you’re in search of coastal bathroom accessories. There’s no reason to hang your towels on ordinary hooks when these unique, beautiful pieces are available.

Pineapple towel hook installed

Prefer to hang your towels on a bar? Our Pineapple towel bar is available in custom widths that range from 10” to 32 to accommodate just about every coastal bathroom.

Double Pineapple Towel Bar

Pineapple Drapery Tie Backs

Our Pineapple drapery tie backs look great with both simple, one colored drapes and colorful, patterned drapes. They are a solid choice if you’re in search of coastal bedroom decor or a small, lovely piece for your living room or kitchen.

Each knob and pull is cast in lead-free pewter, polished to a fine sheen, and available in three finishes. Our standard brushed nickel finish, high polished chrome finish for a bright and contemporary flair, and a dark bronze finish applied with durable powder coat technology.

Extend the spirit of hospitality to your guests with the charm of Pineapple cabinet knobs and pulls from Sea Life Cabinet Knobs.

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Robyn Smith
Robyn Smith

May 21, 2020

Love this Peter. Your info is so interesting too. Thanks for the lesson, I knew some if this but not so much depth.
Many blessings to you and your family. ❤️R

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