Conch Is the Word

August 12, 2022

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First, how do you properly pronounce the word? In America, we pronounce it “conk” as in a “conk on the head”. In the UK, they pronounce it “conCH” with the “CH” being as in “church”. 

Second, what are they? According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, they are a “marine snail, of the subclass Prosobranchia (class Gastropoda)”. Some of these “marine snails” are found in the warm waters of the Caribbean. The most common in the Caribbean is the Queen Conch, which some consider tasty and conchs can create beautiful pearls.

National Jeweler: 5 Things to Know About … Conch Pearls


You can eat the snail inside, or get beautiful pearls from them. What else can we use conchs for? How about décor? You can start with a natural conch shell on a table top, or a Murnao [sic] glass conch in multiple colors. Add a print with a conch featured, or a metal conch sculpture to add a modern touch to your shell décor. Try these conch table lamps for extra light and a conch shell planter for extra touches. If you prefer, you can try a subdued conch table runner for a nice, subtle touch.

Etsy: Sandiyart: Hand made murnao glass conch crafts glass holiday festival business gift tabletop decoration

Etsy: ShaimaaArtStudio: Watercolor Seashell Print, Conch shell art, beachcomber art, beach lover gift, coastal décor beach house gifts, ocean bathroom wall décor

If you’re using conchs in the bedroom, try a pretty bedspread and pillowcase set, and don’t forget the throw that goes with it. Then put conch shell knobs on your dresser or chest of drawers and nightstands. You can even use them in your closet to hang belts, scarves or hats. A beautiful shell wreath will add a natural accent to the room. Or, you can put small shell-shaped fairy lights around the windows or bed in a little girl’s room. Dovecove: Croyd Turquoise Shell Microfiber Reversible 3 Piece Coverlet / Bedspread Set


In the bathroom you can use a conch shell shower curtain, an absorbent area rug for standing on after the bath/shower, or you can put a conch shell decal on your glass shower door. Try a conch shell wallpaper border on a soft blue or sand colored wall and a shell and glass tile backsplash will round out the look perfectly. For a final touch, use a conch shell switch plate cover. Knitline: Seashell Starfish Shower Curtain Coral Nautical Crab Conch Theme Fabric Bathroom Sets Decor with Hooks Waterproof Washable (72W x 72H) Lyfans: LYFANS Bath Rugs Sponge Foam Absorbent Soft for Bathroom and Kitchen (71x24 inches), Flannel Mat Non Slip Bright 3D Print for Bedside and Living Room(Vintage Shell Conch),71x24 in

Outside, you can use conch shells to decorate your garden, front porch or pool. Try this pool mosaic to create an accent point in the pool. A conch shell statue in the flower bed, accented with driftwood, would be eye-catching. You can get a lifeguard chair with a conch shell on it for beside the pool, or to use at the bar.

Wherever you choose to use your conch shells in your home, remember that you can use them in unexpected ways, too. For instance, there are beautiful wedding cakes with a shell motif, or you can use a conch shell horn for your wedding, birthday, or any special occasion (or just for fun). You can hang windchimes with conchs on them, or (to make the biggest, most impressive conch statement possible), you can make your home in the shape of a conch shell! Now wouldn’t that be amazing? Seashell Wedding Cakes

However you wish to use conchs in, outside of, or for the shape of your home, Costello Coastal designs is here to help you make your conch desires come true. Contact us today.

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