Consider Going Twinsies!

October 17, 2023

Consider Going Twinsies!

Have you ever looked at the cabinets and thought that there should be a little something more? Something that gives the cabinets a little “Umph!”? Ever considered the possibility of making your cabinet knobs “face” each other?

For example, you can buy a matched pair of Manatee cabinet knobs that will make your cabinets face each other. Just put the left facing manatee on the left cabinet and the right facing manatee on the right cabinet and, suddenly, your cabinets have a little more pizzazz! You can use a matched pair of mermaids for your daughter’s bathroom or bedroom. Maybe your family loves dolphins; we have a matched pair for that, too! To come ashore, try a matched pair of palm trees.

Costello Coastal Knobs Matched Pair Palm Trees

You can put matched pairs of cherubs in a baby’s room on the dresser; a gemstone-like cabinet knob in a powder room; some matching birds in the laundry room; a bear front and tail end in the garage for cabinet storage for camping gear!

Matched pairs don’t have to go just on cabinets. You can get a wooden storage box for the end of the bed and put a matched pair of dolphins on it (top and bottom knobs looking at each other), use a leather string to tie around the post of the dolphin on the body of the trunk and then close the trunk and do a figure eight, weaving the leather around the two dolphins’ posts and that will keep little fingers out of it, and be decorative as well. Use matched pairs for closet doors, or computer hutches, desk drawers.

Use a matched pair for a wall installation and use them for hanging lightweight fall jackets, dog leashes, or even a pair of pictures hung with a ribbon.

Speaking of ribbon, make a ribbon memory holder/reminder/picture board via getting a piece of particle board or MDF and cutting it to size, decide what pattern you want to string the ribbon into (most people use diamond shapes or squares), and mark the spots for the cabinet knobs. Using a drill, make a hole big enough for the knob’s installation screw. Glue some batting to the front of the piece, then cover the batting with the cloth of your choice. With an ice pick or awl, carefully poke a hole through the batting and cloth, pushing the awl through the screw holes. Immediately put a touch of cloth glue over the holes to prevent fraying. Push the screw from the back of the wood to the front, screwing the knobs onto the screws in whichever pattern you’ve chosen. You can have fun with that, since there are no rules. After all the knobs are in place, tie ribbon from one knob’s post to another, and if there’s a continuous run (going from top to bottom, left to right, whatever), when you encounter another knob, just wrap the ribbon twice around that post and then go on to the next knob. When you get the pattern you desire (that diamond or square shape), tie each ribbon off and put a hanger on the back and make sure you put the screw you use to hang it on into a stud. This may weigh a bit depending on how big you make it.

Matched pairs can be fun, lively, interesting and useful. Get creative with them. Contact us at Costello Coastal Knobs for your matched pair needs.

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