Do a Spring Refresh for Your Cabinet Knobs

February 24, 2023

Do a Spring Refresh for Your Cabinet Knobs

It’s almost springtime and maybe your cabinets or storage needs are looking a little (how do I say this?) in need of spiffing up? Sometimes things are not in need of a huge amount of work, just a little scrubbing and maybe some new hardware will do. Considering that, here are some possibilities that you may wish to consider for your spring spruce up.

Maybe you’re like many of us and spring reminds you of flowers? How about a plumeria flower since plumeria, according to the meaning of tropical flowers, means “birth and love, spring and new beginnings”? They will work well in any room, on almost any door or drawer, and every time you see them you’ll think of those things: love, spring, new beginnings and birth.

If not plumerias, how about a hibiscus flower knob? They indicate “delicate beauty and joyfulness”. The hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii and its name comes from “hibiskos, the old Greek name for the common marshmallow”. Maybe you’re looking for a sweet cabinet knob and a hibiscus would be a sweet addition?

You may wish to do something very beachy and go with a palm tree pull. Palm trees come in many species with multiple shapes and sizes, but you see a palm tree, you automatically think of the coast, sand and waves. Palm trees, whose branches are a symbol of victory, can be identified by their fronds. If you want to bring the outside into your home for your springtime update, use the palm tree pulls inside and plant some palm trees in your yard, or grow them in containers inside.

If you don’t want to put plant knobs or pulls on your cabinets for your springtime spruce up, try colors to bring your springtime to life. A beautiful seafoam green knob in a faceted square shape would be beautiful with your coastal colors. Or a light ocean blue would add a watery touch and create a serene feeling. If you don’t feel like a solid color, or that a single color is going to be enough, how about something a little more daring, but even more ocean-themed? Try these abalone cabinet knobs to bring nature in as well as the exciting, wonderful color of the shell.

For a touch of coastal whimsy, try flamingos! These flamingo cabinet knobs are cute and fun and will create smiles for most who see them. A mosaic ocean wave cabinet knob can create an ocean setting (paired with shower curtain of the ocean’s waves and you have a winning combo). For whimsy under the sea, try this mermaid cabinet knob in pewter.

Whether you’re doing the whole thing and changing your paint colors and everything else to create the fresh spring coastal theme of your dreams, or just doing a quick cabinet knobs change up to give you a smile as you look at your room, cabinet knobs can help you create the fresh look you’ve been desiring. Here at Costello Coastal Knobs you can count on us to help you find the coastal knobs you’ve been looking for. Contact us today.

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