Go for the Unusual Coastal Cabinet Knobs

September 19, 2023

Photo by Sarah  Chai: https://www.pexels.com/photo/scandinavian-design-kitchen-7262999/

We all know of the coastal or beachy theme’s usual suspects: a single shell, a fish, sand dollars, etc., but if you want something a bit different, something more cutting edge, more you, then how about you try some of the following possibilities? Some may be the “usual” things, but they have a certain twist to them that makes them very unique.

How about a turtle knob made from resin, sea glass and shells, or a glass knob filled with little shells? Have you thought of an antiqued lobster as a cabinet knob? Abalone always makes for a pretty option, so consider this cabinet pull made with abalone. How about brass goldfish knobs? Or for those who love diving, try this unique diving helmet cabinet knob that may also remind you of an old fifties’ movie; “Creature from the Black Lagoon”, anyone?

Want something whimsical? Try this wooden fish knob that will bring whimsy into your home, and a smile to your children’s faces. Or maybe you love luaus, and enjoy wearing Hawaiian shirts. Why not give your cabinets some clothing? There are Hawaiian shirt cabinet knobs, flip flops, or swimsuits to set the whimsical mood. There are also fun ocean creatures that you can try. Check out this one-of-a-kind (and only one) fish cabinet knob, this deep blue octopus knob, jelly fish knob, or a beautiful nautilus knob.

Costello Coastal Knobs Flip Flop Collection

For those of you who would rather sit by the beach rather than to surf, swim, or be in the water with the fish, there’s a rattan knob option, a pretty ocean wave to look at, or a lighthouse. Remember to bring the beach chair to set in front of the beach cabana. While you’re sitting on the beach watching the ocean waves, you may see some bubbles in the blue water, find some fish scales on your feet or pick up a piece of sea glass to take home. Remember to watch for some driftwood for your cabinet knobs, too.

Costello Coastal Knobs Small Lighthouse Cabinet Knob

To make people stop and look closer, try these handmade glass beachy cabinet knobs, or go for a high end look with some mother of pearl knobs on some dark cabinets, or pale blue, or white cabinets. If you have a more rakish personality, you may go for this set of pirate themed knobs! Those pirates must use knots on their ships, so try these rigging knot rope knobs (try to say that three times fast!). To go a little retro, try these tortoise shell Bakelite pulls that will transport you to a different era.

Whatever your decorating style – modern, classic, deco, whimsical, retro, or startlingly original – there really is a cabinet knob out there to suit that style. Don’t think you have to settle for the predictable. Take the time to find those “just right” knobs that define the perfect finish for your style. It’s worth the time and effort, don’t you think? And, as always, Costello Cabinet Knobs is here to help you find your “just right”. Contact us today. 

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