7 Great Dolphin Accents for Your Seashore Decor

October 26, 2021

2 dolphins jumping our of the water

There are certain animals when seen by almost everyone elicits the same reaction: pointing, words of awe and sometimes squeals of delight. One of those animals is a dolphin: sleek grey mammals that sometimes do acrobatics in the water and round up schools of fish, making graceful patterns in the water.

If you would like to incorporate these magnificent, intelligent creatures into your seashore décor, try these beautiful dolphin drawer pulls by Sea Life Cabinet Knobs in your kitchen, bathroom, dresser drawers, or closet doors. The whole dolphin collection is available for other uses, too!



If you want a lamp that has dolphins on it, but also sets a nice relaxing mood, try this dolphin pod light by Etsy seller Starlight Jars. It’s going to get comments and the children will love it as a nightlight in their bedroom or bathroom!

 Dolphin Pod Light from Etsy

If you're going to the beach for a vacation, you'll definitely be in the mood for ocean waves after showering with a dolphin swimming past you as you shower after you hang this cute dolphin shower curtain from Bed Bath and Beyond

 Dolphin Shower Curtain

Outside, if you have a pond or pool, how about adding a dolphin fountain sculpture to spray water into the pond or pool? It adds a nice water feature and the relaxing, calming sound of running water. The dolphin is 20” tall by 10” wide , so it’s not so big as to take up a lot of your porch, but the sound of the running water will still be able to put you to sleep!

Dolphin fountain


As you welcome your guests to your house, you may wish to do so with a beautiful bronzed dolphin doorknocker. It gives them a preview of what to expect inside, as well as being a useful addition.

Brass Dolphin Door Knocker


For a gorgeous splurge for your great room, patio, or bedside, try this amazing bronze dolphin and glass table. There are many places to use the table, but don’t be surprised if you find that no matter where you put it, it becomes a conversation starter, a talking point, and a favorite for children to explore!

 Brass and Glass Dolphin Table

A cute little stool with a dolphin painted on it is good for children to sit on, to use as a step stool in the kitchen, or as an aide for your elderly dog to get onto the bed at night. It’s also useful for taking with you in a tall truck to help people get in and out.


Dolphin Step Stool


Dolphins: cute, graceful, intelligent, playful and a great way to decorate your home to set a seashore theme.

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No matter how you want to create or enhance the seashore theme in your home, at Sea Life Cabinet Knobs we have the widest range of cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, and wall hooks for ocean style kitchens and bathrooms. Since 2000, we’ve offered the finest collection of coastal hardware on the market. Each and every product we sell is designed and hand sculpted by Peter Costello, an established marine life artist. Each product is hand finished and inspected to ensure it is made to perfection. To view our entire collection, visit our website today.

Note: Dolphin photo at top by Tim Hartfelt

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