Mixing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

July 06, 2021

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Upgrading your kitchen cabinet hardware is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to give your kitchen a mini-makeover. Not only does new hardware look great, but when chosen correctly, it can be functional and practical too. Before you start creating a Pinterest board, have you considered mixing your cabinet hardware?

Mixing kitchen cabinet hardware is a fairly new decor trend– and we're here for it. From a design point of view, mixing up your kitchen hardware can add a sense of style and unique character to the space. And, if you are lucky enough to have a larger kitchen, a mix of cabinet hardware will also help to avoid repetitiveness of the same handle throughout.

In this post, we share three important things to consider when deciding to mix and match your kitchen cabinet hardware. Of course, choosing your kitchen hardware all comes down to your personal preference. Here, we simply share a few considerations to help you in the decision-making process. 

3 Things to Consider When Mixing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

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A general rule of thumb that seems to work well is to use pulls or handles for drawers and knobs for cabinets. A good first step is finding a knob or pull you love and then matching it with a coordinating knob or pull. 

1. Think About Functionality and Comfort

Most kitchens have a combination of drawers and cabinets. More than often, they also have flip-up doors, bin pulls, paneled fridge doors, and folding pantry doors. A singular hardware style won't be the best possible option for all of these cabinets from a practical and functional perspective.

Tip: Think long and hard about the easiest way to open and close your kitchen’s cabinets and drawers. What hardware will make for the greatest ease and comfort? What will you be placing in these drawers and cabinets? For example, heavy items such as a pots and pans drawer will benefit from a bigger, sturdier handle.

2. Why Not Mix Tops and Bottoms?

A great option to mix and match your hardware while still keeping things coordinated is to use one type of hardware for your top cabinets and another for your bottom cabinets. You might want to consider using a knob for your top cabinets, as these will allow for an easier grip when opening an upper cabinet door. And a good choice might be a short handle or pull for your lower cabinets, which can work for both the lower areas and bottom drawers.

Tip: If you have full-height pantry doors, you can either pick one style for all of them or allocate them as either upper or lower sections. If you're feeling creative, you can even divide the hardware between their upper and lower halves.

3. Be Sure to Match Your Finishes

When choosing your cabinet hardware, be sure to match the finish to the tee because even the slightest difference in the finish can be pretty noticeable. The best way to avoid this mishap is to buy your hardware from the same retailer–because they are likely to label all their finishes in all the same way. If you do decide to purchase from a few different stores, you should order samples to check that all the finishes match before you place your final order.

Tip: Keep in mind that the finish doesn't just mean the material but also includes the texture. For example, satin brass and brushed brass both have a golden tone but a different surface texture. This varying surface texture means the two will look different and have different levels of shine.

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